Why Mobile Matters

Attracting more customers in the digital age

"The mobile app from Gallus Golf has been the piece we have been missing to take Northlands GC to the next level of customer service and connecting with our customers... and will continue to improve our bottom line."
- Gary Nedergard, GM of Northlands Golf Course
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Smartphones Smartphones, Mobile Apps, and Social Media are 3 of the fastest growing technologies available today. The successful golf clubs of tomorrow will learn to embrace and integrate these technologies to attract more customers and create new revenue opportunities. The golf clubs that fail to recognize this will miss out on an extraordinary opportunity.

Your Golf Course App

Facebook The app provides a link between you, each golfer, and all their friends. This is a brand new way to exponentially increase your ability to reach more customers and create a buzz about your course.

Golf The features in your app are built around this concept, leverage the power of Social Media, and they will continue to grow. New technologies are always emerging and improving, and so will your app. We are constantly coming up with new ways to develop new features that will be fun for your golfers and also provide additional marketing power for your course.


Real Social Marketing

Discover how your app uses Facebook to attract new golfers and grow your business.
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Mobile Apps vs Mobile Web
"A smartphone is much more than a phone, its the link to tens of millions of users' digital life... and PC will soon no longer be the main access to your content, services AND advertising."
- Forbes Magazine