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Leverage Facebook in your app to grow your club like never before


Facebook Facts

  • There are over 150 million Facebook users in the US.
  • The average Facebook user has 190 friends.
  • 50% of Facebook users log on at least once per day.

Facebook is word of mouth advertising!

When someone posts to their Facebook wall, every single one of their Facebook friends sees that post in their news feed and can talk about it!

Your app has one-touch Facebook sharing.

One touch sharing

Your app has integrated one touch Facebook sharing so your golfers can instantly share their scores and round achievements. This is automatic, viral marketing for your club!

Word of mouth

This affects your bottom line.

Even a relatively small number of golfers using your app can have a huge impact. If over the span of one year, 250 golfers shared on Facebook about your golf club using your app, on average that will reach the eyeballs of 5,750 Facebook users. (Recommending your course to their friends). If only 2% of those users played even just one round of golf at your course as a result, that would be 115 additional rounds of golf. How much additional revenue is that for your golf course?

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Revenue Calculator

Our golf courses are using their new Gallus app to drive additional revenue in numerous ways. Fill in the numbers below specific to your golf course to see how a Gallus app can impact your bottom line.

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  • New Revenue Generated!

    See below how your new Gallus app could easily earn   an additional $ per year!
  • Instant Messages

    Use Instant Messages to fill those empty tee times each week. Fill just two more tee times a week that would normally sit empty:
    $ x 8 x = $
    (Avg. Rate) (# of Weeks)
  • Tournaments

    An average tournament generates $ in revenue at your golf club. What if offering Live Leaderboards can help you land just 2 more tournaments or golf outings this year? (We've seen this happen!)
    $ x 2 = $
    (Tourney Value) (# New)
  • Food & Beverage

    Your new app can help speed up pace of play and actively promote your menu on the course. What if you could increase Food & Bev spending by just 10 cents per round?
    x $0.10 = $
    (Annual Rounds) (Increase)
  • Facebook Sharing

    With a tap of a button, golfers can use your new app to share on their Facebook page about your golf course. This equals word of mouth advertising mulitplied by the power of social media! In one year if only 250 golfers use your app to share on Facebook, on average that will reach 5,750 Facebook users. If only 2% of those people played even just 1 round at your course as a result:
    $ x 162 = $
    (Avg. Rate) (Rounds)
  • Cost Savings on GPS

    You currently are paying $ per year for your GPS system. Many courses using their new Gallus app are eliminating their GPS system and adding that money back to their bottom line. You could add $ back to your bottom line too!
  • Total all of the above:

    $ per year!
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