The one path to reaching your club’s clients that is always with them - their mobile phones!

We recognize this reality and we are positioning our technology to be the hub of all of that communication. We are partnering with all types of technology that your clients engage your services.



Launching with a number of POS/Tee-Sheet providers in early 2019 will be Mobile App Tee Time Check-In. This will allow your golfers to begin to check-in for their rounds of golf ahead of their time and collect payment from them going directly into your POS.

This will begin to accomplish the following:

  • Capturing data of golfers other than the booking golfer in foursomes

  • Creating a new dynamic for conversations with your staff in the golf shop, allowing them to talk about things other than dealing with the hustle and bustle of getting all golfers checking-in

  • This is only the beginning of allowing for a multitude of financial transactions to happen for you from wherever your customer may be, whenever they choose, for whatever you may be promoting to them! The future here will be limited only to your imagination.

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After launching our Gallus Tournament Wizard in 2015 we have had a number of requests to increase the number of scoring formats we offer among other improvements. You asked - we are answering in extremely comprehensive ways. Coming in 2019 will be full integrations with Vision Perfect (Viper), Golf Genius, and Golf League Tracker. These software partners are known throughout the industry to provide every possible scoring format for a golf event, along with their full suite of solutions related to these events. By partnering with these providers your app with us will have the best of all worlds - our custom branded app and communication with every possible way a golfer can play and score at your course.



As eluded to above with Mobile App Tee Time Check-In, with integration to your POS provider, the opening will be there to drive a number of revenue driving activities through your app based on any number of communications you make with your customer. This means there will not be an hour of the day or a location on the planet that your customers cannot be doing business with you. From your golf shop merchandise, to reserving lessons, to food and beverage operations, membership sales, dues payments, and more… your app will now create for you the most convenient method for your customers to be COMPLETELY connected to you.



We don’t want to complete all of these integrations without being able to learn from them constantly, and then apply that learning and drive smarter interactions with your customers. We will be able to learn from all behavior trends like brand loyalties, times of day they typically interact with you, what types of offers get the most attention, and more. Then, once we know these things, we will be able to automate communication driven by this knowledge to maximize the potential for further engagement, revenue driven and otherwise, with your club.

The future in the golf industry is here in 2019 with Gallus Golf and we are here to guide you along the way in implementing all of this technology at your club now. As the leader in this space, we feel it is our responsibility to you to make sure you can simply and seamlessly add these types of services for your clients without hassle. Our team is ready to help you choose the correct services for your club and then be with you step by step through getting your customers fully engaged and more loyal to your club than ever. Complete the form below to begin the conversation!

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