Download Season is here, Answering FAQ's

It's the beginning of the season for so many of you, which means it is also Download Season.  It's time to grow your user base, and with that you will be hearing some of these most common questions/objections to downloading the app.  This is something we have covered before, it's time for a quick refresher!



Objection:  "I already have GPS, Yardage/Rangefinder type of device."


Response:  "Great---keep using that.  The app is even more useful away from the course.  Users are the first to hear about golf specials, merchandise deals, tournaments, course conditions, and more.  Plus you can book your tee times directly from your phone in a couple easy clicks.  Also, the app is perfect for keeping score for yourself or your foursome, doing all of the calculations for your regular game with your golfing buddies, and then allowing you to post your score to maintain your handicap."




Objection:  "I don't want to have to buy anything, enter personal information, credit card, etc."


Response:  "Good news is you don't have to enter anything personal whatsoever and the app is totally FREE.  

GREAT news is that even without any of your personal info, you still benefit from everything the app has to offer."  





Objection:  "It will use up all of the data in my plan"


Response:  "Our app developer has assured us it uses a negligible amount of data in a round.  In fact, your GPS uses ZERO data for yardage.  As long as you download the app and open it one time, you can even turn off your data entirely and still have a fully functioning app on the golf course, including the GPS."






Objection:  "It will drain my battery"


Response:  "You will be shocked!  You will actually use less of your battery using the app while on the golf course than you do in your normal day.  As long as in between shots, you turn your screen off, you will find that with a full battery, a complete round of golf will only drop your battery on average about 25-30%."






Objection:  "I don't really know how to work my phone"


Response:  "Actually, you only have to know how to read!  The messages come right to the lock screen of your phone and they play the sound of a golf ball being struck and rolling into the cup so you know it's us. Simple as that---read, and come out to the course to take advantage!  Let me help you download it and set it up for you now so that's all you have to do."





Objection:  "I purposely don't use my phone on the golf course--escaping the phone while playing golf"


Response:  "Good for You!  Cool thing about our app is it's not only designed for on course usage. Our app users are the first to hear about specials on golf, merchandise, upcoming tournaments, course conditions, and more, all right through messages sent to you from the app when you are away from the course." Also, "The app will provide you GPS capability and Scorekeeping functionality with your phone in Airplane mode, keeping all of those calls, texts, and emails at bay while you enjoy your round on the course."

One final recommendation:  Finish each interaction in overcoming the objection with this, "I would be happy to help you download the app and set it up right now."