Driving More Downloads -- Add GPS to your Practice Range


Always seeking ways to increase your downloads and then give your golfers more reasons to become more and more engaged with your app, one great way is to add our GPS feature to your range.  This is a simple process, and if we can't accomplish it through the satellite images of your course, we can talk you through doing it at the club in about a 5 minute phone call.


Here are some of the benefits to the golfer and the club:


  • Regardless of the placement front to back of your tee area, or the golfer's position left to right on the range, there will always be an accurate yardage to every target increasing the effectiveness of their practice sessions
  • For the club, you can go so far now as to simply place signage indicating that for accurate yardage to markers the golfers can go to the app, and that your yardages listed are just estimates from a very central location on the tee area.  This will indeed drive more downloads and place you in contact through the app now with even more golfers
  • With a range like that pictured below, the yardages actually would differ largely depending on where the golfer is hitting from -- not a worry with having this in the app.
Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 9.02.02 AM.png




For help with getting your range into your app, reach out to me directly:  rob@gallusgolf.com or 858.437.9262