GeoFence Notification Ideas



They're here (or your app is nearly updated and will be in the next couple weeks at most), so what do you say in them to be most effective???

(Why did Youtube pick this wonderful snapshot of me to start the video?!?!?)



5 Great GeoFence Notification Ideas

  1. A Welcome message.  Just like the one I got in the video above welcoming me to the office, post a welcome notification to say "Welcome Back! Enjoy your round of golf today, and don't forget to check out our great drink specials in the lounge after"
  2. Tournament/Event Welcome Messages.  On event days, override your default welcome message and set it to be tournament specific.
  3. If you're a destination course, set fences and notifications to welcome your users back to town and set the action to go to your online tee time booking.  The fences could be on the main highway leading into town, around the airport, at the lobby of the hotel if you are a resort, and any other area that makes sense for their travel into your area
  4. If you have a large property where portions of your course are well away from your clubhouse, set fences on the outer regions of the course to get those who may not be using your scorecard and getting pop-ups to be well aware of food and beverage possibilities, replay specials you may offer, membership opportunities, and more.
  5. Boost Pro Shop Sales -- put fences around retail areas in your town where your clients could possibly be shopping for products you offer in the pro shop, and send them a message talking about what you have to offer in the shop to get their attention.  Use care here to not tell them, "We see you in that store..." and freak them out!