It's DOWNLOAD Season, Time for an App Check Up

We know many of our clients are getting ready for the Spring thaw and getting their courses open and ready for golf, thus the reference in the title of this post to the Season.  But, in reality, Download Season is 365 days long -- 366 this year!  Because of that, you are given daily the opportunity to make a first impression and get a customer more engaged with your business through your app, so it is important about once a month to give your app a quick check-up to ensure that first impression is on point.



Your App Check-Up List:


  1. News Items -- have a few news items in your app that will provide an interesting read for your clients but will likely tell them something they didn't know. Make sure all of your News Items are relevant (not expired) and engaging, or get them out of the app.
  2. Custom Buttons -- Is your app pointing to items you want to be sharing?  Get playing lesson videos in there, registration forms, links to book stay and play packages, and anything you can think of that resides on the internet that you would like to share with your users
  3. Your Course(s) -- Have there been any physical changes to your golf course that require scorecard or GPS changes
  4. Your Practice Range -- Get it mapped for GPS with us.  This is a great source for driving downloads and finally a method to provide golfers with accurate yardage to the range targets
  5. Your Booking Options -- Are they accurate and functioning?  If you have changed your tee-sheet provider or made some major updates, this will likely require a change in your app.  Let us know.
  6. Your Push Notification Segments -- in providing the best user experience, targeted messages are very important, as is the download and initial open experience of a new app user.  Refining your segmentation the fewest times possible and making sure it is set to what you need is key.
  7. Your Staff -- This really should be #1 on the list, but having your staff well versed in promoting downloads will be your best source to grow your user base.  Reach out to us for training help and incentive ideas for your staff.
  8. Define a Commitment -- like any initiative, the app needs goals and a plan to reach the goals.  Reach out to me and let me help you make an action plan with defined goals and a path to reach them.
  9. Never Forget that Download Season is never ending, even in the most seasonal operations.


I'm always here to help. or 858.437.9262