Prepping for the 2016 Golf Season

It's about that time again -- fuel up the groundskeeping equipment, stock up the pro shop, shake off the dust, re-grip the clubs and new spikes in the shoes!  Golf season will be in full swing before we know it.  Here are the top 10 things you should be doing with your app to be prepared:


  1.   Set up a meeting over the phone with ME (Rob) here at Gallus.  Together we will talk about your goals for this year for the course and I will work with you on a comprehensive Action Plan for the year to reach them together.
  2. Set your goals for the year, and don't think only App-related with this.  You will be surprised how our team and your app will be able to help your club reach ALL of your course goals
  3. Make sure you have all of the promotional material you need on hand and displayed -- let us know if we can help with ordering these and take advantage of us passing on our wholesale costs to you (Continental USA available only)
  4. Begin pumping up your golfers for the coming season in social media and emails, getting them to download your app by linking to it, letting them know that by having it they will be the first to know when you are open and all current course and weather conditions, and then follow through with weekly push notifications as you lead into the season.
  5. Make sure all content in the app is current.  Any older date-sensitive content delete, and add new menus, news items, playing tips, hole photos, and custom buttons that apply to this season.
  6. Assign a Point Person for the app, and get that person introduced to me and trained by me how to properly run the app for the course this year.  Ideally, this person will be your social media guru and someone tech savvy with directives from you on what your marketing initiatives are to make sure they are promoted properly.
  7. Make sure we have your current mobile booking engine link 
  8. If you have changed any of your Branded presence -- logo's, photographs, flyover videos, etc --get them to us and we can update your app
  9. If the course has undergone physical changes, let us know so your scorecard, par, handicap, etc can be modified to reflect the changes
  10. To emphasize -- See #1 and repeat!