Advanced Lessons in Push Notifications, Final



When to Send & Frequency


So, what are the best days and times to send your messages?  Good question, glad you asked.


In the golf industry, your messages potentially have some time sensitivity to them based on what is happening with your inventory and where you want to be with your rates.  For example, Thursday afternoon's tee sheet has some major gaps you need to fill, but it is only Monday morning and you would like to give things some time before dropping your rates to just try to fill things up.  Frankly, it may not take a rate discount to fill up the tee sheet, but just something to get your users' attention.



Localytics, a company based on providing mobile app marketing anyalytics, has done some recent studies that show the following to be true:


  1. Push Notification response rates are as much as 66% higher during weekdays than on the weekends, in particular Tuesdays and Fridays.
  2. The best times to send your messages are the afternoons, between noon and 5pm.  Logic may tell you that evenings are best because people are home and have free time, but the numbers don't lie, and click rates are about 20% higher when the messages are sent in the afternoon times
Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 8.55.19 AM.png

So, when that coming Thursday afternoon is right around the corner, send a Push on Tuesday afternoon to get your users' attention and get your tee sheet full.  If you really want to make it something special, offer a small freebie that is of very low cost to you but has some value like a free beer or soda with the round booked.  Many times, striking at the best time to reach them is all it takes to get some activity.



Next, and our final topic to talk about in this series of weekly tips about push notifications, is frequency.  How often should you send a push notification?  


One continuous thing we notice is how there is a definite, direct correlation between the frequency of push notifications and the growth of the app---not just in downloads, but also in reports we get back from courses on rounds being booked.  The more often you are sending messages with great content, the greater the buzz about your club becomes, the higher your download rate is, and in turn more rounds get booked through the app.


I was on the telephone with a course operator with a brand new app the other day, and even just a month into operating their app, he indicated to me that when he sends a push, within 24 hours his tee sheet fills up.


Can you send too many?  Yes, you can.  Our recommendation, and the "Sweet Spot" we have seen is about 1 per week, 2 at most.  Less than that is not good, more can be overkill.


That wraps it up for our series in Advanced Lessons in Push Notifications.  As always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out at 858.437.9262 or email me at