Advanced Lessons in Push Notifications, Part 1

For the app tip this week we will begin a series of Weekly App Tips that dig into Push Notifications and getting you armed with some advanced knowledge on fine tuning your approach and yielding greater results.  In Part 1 of this series we are going to concentrate on Targeted Push Notifications and how to segment your user base to benefit from this ability you have with your app.

First, let me define the two methods you can send a push notification out to your user base when it comes to who is receiving them.

  1. Broadcast:  a Broadcast message is being sent to each and every user who has enabled push notifications through your app.  There is no segmentation in this method at all, and this method is still appropriate when you are sending a message that applies to everyone using your app.
  2. Targeted:  Within your app you have the ability to segment your users in two ways--who they are and what they are interested in.  When sending a Targeted message, only the users you are choosing to receive the message based on that criteria will receive it.  The remainder of your user base will not get the message.  The major benefit to a Targeted messaging approach is that you are training your users to pay close attention to the push notifications you are sending because they ALWAYS apply to them.

Recent studies have shown that Highly Targeted messages are receiving influenced open rates of up to 300% higher than the rate of Broadcast messages.  For example, a leading mobile innovator recently did a study in many industry verticals to see the difference that would occur in influenced open rates among users.  Their findings in the sports world (golf included) were astonishing.  In Broadcast messages, sent to more than 95% of the apps' enabled users, they showed 167 million influenced opens.  In Highly Targeted messages, sent to less than 5% of the same apps' enabled users, they recognized 146 million influenced responses.

This shows that with an audience of more than 19 times the size of the Targeted audience, they were only able to achieve an open rate of 14% more, showing what a huge success by comparison Targeted Messages are.

So, how do you get there????

If you have not set up your segments yet, that is where we need to begin.  You will need to enter Custom ID Fields, WITH options within each to identify the golfers.  For example, your Custom ID Field Label could be "Golfer Type", and your Options could be "Member", "Public Player", "Junior Member", "Senior Member", and "Family Member".  You are basically converting your demographics to this segment.  You can add more than one Custom ID Field if necessary too.  Location is another popular segment with options of "Local to the County", "Outside of X County", and "Outside of the State".  Your Custom ID Field page is found at this link, CLICK HERE.

To further your Targeting, you can have your users identify what they are interested in.  For example, some interests could included Tee Time Deals, Upcoming Tournaments, Social and Dining Events/Specials, and more.  In the Interests segment you are identifying what it is you want to promote to the users you have.  Your Interests set up page is found on this page, CLICK HERE.

Of course, we are always here to help you in getting any of this set up and working.  So feel free to reach out to me for help or guidance in getting this done.  858.437.9262 or

Also, get excited about Part 2 in this series next week where we talk about message content!!!