Back to the Basics Series, MAKING IT HAPPEN

"Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking potential" - Winston Churchill


This week I want to share with you a true story of an app whose operators admittedly had been relatively inactive with the management of it. They had gone three months without sending a push notification, the content within the app had not changed at all during that span, and they wholeheartedly admitted that they just were not making time to get to the app and use its features effectively.


So, at my persuasion (read that as insistence) we committed to get more proactive with the app. Now when I say "more proactive", you should know that this commitment meant putting in a whopping 20 minutes the first day of a 26 day test, and then a total of about 15 minutes mixed in over the remaining 25 days of this test. (About 5 minutes a week). So, after you check out the results that were achieved below, I challenge you to tell me you couldn't find 30-35 minutes a month to realize similar results.


To set the table for these results, this app is not even into its fourth quarter of existence yet, and it has less than 600 downloads so far.


In this 26 day test, here is what has been done:

  • 6 push notifications have been sent
  • 1 custom page was made to link a custom button to which tied in to a promotion for the month of November that the club was running
  • 2 Custom Buttons have been utilized, one for the November promotion, and then that one was changed out on December 1st for current info


  1. The number of user sessions in this 26 day period increased by 100% over the previous 26 day period
  2. The number of times UNIQUE users visited the club's tee time booking page in the app increased during this period by 400% over the previous 26 days in this 26 day test---YES, THAT IS A 400% INCREASE IN USERS MAKING IT TO THEIR TEE TIME PAGE
  3. The custom page made for the November Promotion was viewed by almost one out of every six users---keep in mind, this page could ONLY be accessed through their app 

The point I am trying to get across here...


But you have to be willing to allot just 20-30 minutes per month to be effective and it will make an impact for your club. One of our most successful one-course apps, which is seasonal in its business, has booked over $840,000 in greens fees alone through December 2nd . They are 3 years into having their app, and now have almost 9,000 downloads from over that three year period. They have never sent more than 6 push notifications in a month this year, and they have only 2 custom buttons and one pop up in their app -- point being, the 30 minutes a month would be a lot of work for them. They do however work hard at promoting downloads to continually increase their audience.


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"There are three kinds of people in this world:  people who make it happen, people who watch what happens, and people who wonder what happened."  Tommy Lasorda


Be the kind to make it happen today.