Add a day of excitement, and a few dozen downloads


The last few tips have gone deep into detail and been kind of lengthy.  So, I will keep this one brief!


A Flash Tournament is an opportunity for you to take a day that you have a relatively full tee sheet but no real events scheduled, and create a huge buzz at the course, a great golfer experience for the day, and capture a bunch of new downloads all at once.  The most recent Flash Tournament a client course of ours held yielded 31 new downloads and a great time had by all.


Here's the plan:

  1. Pick the day---Saturdays are usually very good because the course is full
  2. Build a Leaderboard in the app---We highly recommend a Skins game because it is competitive for everyone and doesn't embarrass a not so great golfer by blasting his score all over the place.  Plus you don't have to worry about handicapping or flighting it
  3. Choose your prizes---hats, sleeves of balls, towels, rounds of golf, food or drinks
  4. As each golfer comes to check in, alert him/her to the fact that you're hosting a "Free Skins Game" today that the only requirement to be 'in the hunt' is to download and keep score in the app
  5. Broadcast the leaderboard on televisions in your clubhouse and at the bar, and have a handful of food and drink specials---make it a complete Skins day with Potato Skins, etc on the menu, and keep the buzz going about who is going to win all day
  6. Award your prizes
  7. A couple weeks later, send out a push notification hosting another Flash Tournament, or just any general reason for the golfer to come back---after having such a fun time in the last event, he will be sure to return
  8. Be the FUN Course in your market!

Need any help setting one of these up---let me know:  858.437.9262, or rob@gallusgolf.com