Increasing Engagement and Downloads through Missed Push Notifications

You send a push notification and you get a great response.  But, you also know that the entire base of your golfers is greater than the number of those who received your message and certainly you're left wishing you were reaching them all.


We get it, so we have two things we want to share in this week's tip.


1.  We did something for you!  This was a feature we had built once before, but with some technology updates, and with many of you being new to us, you may not have ever known it existed.  We have launched a feature to your apps that when you send a push notification, if any user opens his/her app within 24 hours of the message being sent, we display it on a screen like is shown below upon opening of the app.  This not only captures those who saw it, but also all of your users opening the app who have notifications turned off!  Here is a screenshot of a sample:



2.  This is something we recommend you do on your end.  About once per month, compose an email to your entire database, and while sharing whatever news has occurred at the club also list the push notifications you have sent that month and make mention that for those who either don't have the app, or don't have push notifications enabled, these are the in-app Only specials they have missed.  This will encourage downloads and enabling notifications


Short and sweet this week.  If you have any questions or need any help with any of this, or anything, please don't hesitate to reach out. or 858.437.9262