Keeping it Simple!

So often we either talk to a course or get one of their push notifications on our own phones where they are attempting to make some special offer an "App User Only" offer.  Here is what we suggest to keep this simple and gain you downloads:




In your message, simply state that the user must show you that he/she has the app on his/her phone.


  1. This solves the issue of this being an App User Only promotion
  2. You may ask, "what if someone hears about it from a friend and downloads the app just to get the deal?"  Ummm, so what?!?!  This not only gains you someone spending money at your club today, but also gains you a new user who will receive your coming push notifications and act on them with or without friendly advice, and may share them with even more friends.  Don't look the proverbial gift horse in the mouth!
  3. It does not over complicate the issue by asking the user to perform some big task when the end goal really is just to make sure you have app users acting on your messages.



SEE YOU IN 2016!