Planning for a successful 2016


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To aid you in reaching similar results as the case study above, here is a list of some "housekeeping" recommendations to have your app fully primed and ready to provide your golfers the best experience, and to position your club to get the most from them:


  1. Comb through all of the content in your app to ensure it is current information that you want shared with your users.  You may be likely to find a News Item or Custom Button that is referring to events or promotions that have past, and those should be deleted from the app immediately.  Check your News, Custom Buttons, Pop Ups, and your F & B Menus to make sure they are what you want displayed.
  2. One of the greatest features of the app is the ability to segment your push notifications.  If you have not already, it is time to get your Custom ID Fields (The "Who" of your message recipients) and your Interests (The "What" categories of your messages) completed
  3. Check your tee time booking links to make sure they are currently pointing to the mobile version of your booking engine that you want them to
  4. If you have made or are making any physical changes to your golf course, for example moving a green, we will need to work with you on updating your GPS markers.  Alert us immediately if this is the case.
  5. Set some SIMPLE goals, and make a plan to stick to them.  It could be as simple as adding to your calendar to begin sending ONE push notification per week.  This is where we can seriously aid you.  Our Account Management team has decades of electronic media marketing experience, and of course in helping to manage hundreds upon hundreds of golf mobile apps worldwide, we know what works and are eager to share it with you.  Reach out to me any time for or 858.437.9262