Social Media and Push Notifications

Looking for Push Notification Ideas???  

Our Tip this week:  You are already writing and publishing them!


Every day, yes, every single day, I see a post on Facebook or a Tweet from a client golf course (more like 100 of them actually), and I think to myself, "Wow, that would have been a great push notification".  But I am not seeing your push notifications as often.  Don't let this valuable tip this week escape you.


A Facebook post or a Tweet is often HUGELY ineffective by comparison to a push notification.

  1. The people following you on your social media outlets are likely following hundreds, if not thousands of others.  It is very often that within 15-20 minutes of your post, it is far enough down the reading list that when someone logs in to take a peek at their social media feed, you are buried under the myriad of newer posts
  2. Timing is everything, and for the most part, your clients don't know when you are posting or tweeting, unless they are stalking you.  So, when you have those gaps in your tee sheet or some promotional event that is about to begin within the next couple of hours, when you post to social media you are only HOPING that they will see it in time.
  3. Push notifications solve both #'s 1 and 2.  The beauty of the smartphone from a marketing perspective is that your users are addicted to having their phones with them and aware of them 100% of the time.  Many of us have felt the panic of leaving our phone behind or misplacing it.  How many of us panic when we haven't seen Facebook in a few hours?  Push notifications don't get buried under dozens of other messages, and you are right there at the time you want to be.


The content and action you want in a push is often exactly the same as what you want in a post/tweet.  More importantly, you're doing the work already!

  1. I am looking at the Gallus Golf Facebook news feed right now, and while I am not going to pick on our clients who have posted there, I will talk about the top 3 posts in the news feed right now in the points below.
  2. First post:  "Join us at the club for a romantic Valentine's evening, click the link below to reserve your spot".  This has all of the elements of the push---the content and the action.  You simply copy and paste this and set the action to go to the website you are accepting reservations at, and you are done!
  3. Second post: "Read more on our blog to improve your game this winter!"  Then below this there is a link to the blog.  Same as the previous, your content for your push is written, and your action is easy--send them to the link for your blog.
  4. Third post:  "Thanks to (local news channel) for this fantastic piece on our 250th anniversary!", and then a link to the news story published online.  Are you getting what I'm putting down here yet?
  5. Common elements in all of these posts---they are copy and paste-able to push notifications and then set your action and press send.  They have covered all of the bases from promoting an event at the club, to sharing useful information to the golfer, to promoting the club and something key about it in general.

This is a good start here without making this Weekly App Tip too long.  I am sure you see where I am headed.  You are all doing the work already, and then placing it in less effective outlets than a push notification.  Make the extra effort and copy and paste your social media into a push notification and begin collecting the dividends.


Oh, and if you are feeling overwhelmed by social media, push notifications, keeping on the cutting edge in marketing your course, all while making sure grass is green, staff is working, lessons are being taught, carts are in good shape, and more---well then call me.  We have a solution for you, and you will be shocked how comprehensive and effective that solution is.  858.437.9262 or