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Full GHIN Integration Is Complete

Our recent App Tip is simply a video to detail the Full GHIN Integration piece being complete in the Gallus Tournament Wizard for your apps.  Until now, golfers were able to post their scores at the end of their rounds, but now you can enter a golfer's GHIN number and have the most current index, thus course handicap, for the golfer for any league, tournament, or event.


Check out the video below, and as always, reach out to me with any questions you may have: or 858.437.9262

Don't Miss This Webinar...

We continue to add improvements to your app, and this latest one converts directly to $$$ for you!


We will be hosting a webinar tomorrow at 2pm EST, 11am PST, to share the details of this latest development, but prior to it, here are some of the bullet points:


  • Golfers individually or by teams can now register to play in tournaments at your course through a custom webpage built through your app dashboard and able to be shared anywhere --on your website as a link, in social media, in your app, through emails, etc.
  • You can choose to accept payment from the golfers when they register on this website, directly deposited into your bank account
  • You can pass this website along to the Tournament Host so they can use it to collect registration from their players for their event, and they can even choose to accept payments at registration on the site giving them more capabilities than ever before and providing your Tournament Sales department a HUGE advantage over competing golf courses. (You also will have full visibility into the payments being accepted by the host)
  • Data Entry work is cut down to next to nothing for you because when a player/team registers, they will be automatically entered into your Gallus Tournament Wizard software for the tournament they are playing in
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, you gain opportunities with new customers pre and post event to get them out to your course more often by marketing to them through the app since this webpage will be promoting the downloads for you.  EVERY REGISTRANT can receive up to 3 emails from you to remind about the tournament and with instructions to download the app. 




Using The Gallus Tour To Generate Repeat Play

Gallus Golf Monthly Tournament Series

Doing Our Part to Generate Repeat Play for You!

There aren't too many things more important at your course than getting golfers there to play, and getting them back over and over again.  Of course we recognize this---it's not Rocket Science.  However, creating initiatives and reasons for them to be back often can be difficult, especially in markets where there are many choices of courses to play at.


We have your answer!  You continue to do what you do.  Keep the greens rolling fast and true, fairways green, food and drinks fresh and cold, carts charged and clean, and golfers happy.  We will provide a monthly competition that pits your golfers against others around the world and their scores will continue to improve the more they play, increasing their odds of winning.  The only way to win is to play your course more!

In your App Dashboard, at the bottom of the home page is a banner for the Monthly Tournament Series.  At the bottom of that banner are three buttons.  One is to "View" the worldwide tournament standings as they are currently.  The second is to "Promote" the MTS to your golfers through a variety of materials our graphic design team has made for you to use.  The third button is to see "My Top Golfers" and know who from your course is competing.  All they have to do to compete is keep score for 18 holes in your app!

Then, at the end of each month Gallus Golf awards the top 100 golfers worldwide with a gift card to to purchase all types of golf merchandise.  The more they play, the better chance they can win, and you win by having them there more often.

Feel free to reach out to me with questions on how to promote this at your course and what some clever push notifications would be to get your golfers more engaged with this competition. or 858.437.9262.



Continuing to Improve Your Apps

NOW LIVE -- Multi-Round Tournament Capability!


Great News -- For those of you who have chosen to enable our fully integrated tournament software, multi-round capabilities are now featured in it.  This includes the ability to host tournaments that are more than one round in length, to make cuts after rounds, to flight tournaments after a round has been played, and fantastic live leaderboard coverage that details each round and total scores.  It's just like watching Johnny Miller on TV, only better because you don't have to actually listen to the guy!


If you're using the Tournament Wizard software and want our team to run you through the changes, by all means reach out and let's schedule some time to talk.


If you're NOT using the Tournament Wizard and want to learn more, especially how it gains you dozens of downloads at a time, reach out and let's talk about getting it turned on in your app!


ALSO -- Within the month of May, be ready for our NEXT FREE IMPROVEMENT!


A hint as to what it is.... Loyal Users can receive Rewards!


Contact us here for a sneak preview or to help with the Tournament Wizard software, or 858.437.9262