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Prepare Your Mobile Marketing Strategy For The 2019 Season

How many times have you gone into the golf season with intentions of preparing your marketing strategy and then been hit with a tidal wave of unforeseen issues and non-stop work days, shoving those marketing tasks down on the priority list?

We understand you are managing numerous operations at your facility - including tee time reservations, F&B operations, retail, among other sales verticals. In this week’s blog, we provide a checklist of app items to cross off to make your 2019 season and marketing efforts smooth!

1) Track Your Mobile Tee Time Reservations

Are you curious what percentage of your tee times are made via your club app?

Here’s how you can find that out! All you need to do is contact your Tee Sheet Provider and request they provide you with a separate sales channel in your tee sheet. Once you have that unique url, you can paste it into the backend of your app under “booking options” and watch the sales roll in. You will be able to view booked revenue via the app, in the dashboard of your tee sheet provider. If promoting tee times on multiple online channels (website, social media platforms, etc.) we suggest using different booking URLs for each to track the performance of our marketing efforts.  

2) Targeted Messaging

New this 2019 season is the ability to send targeted messages and offers to specific customer segments and individuals! With this feature, you can send more relevant messages to customers based on their profile and spending data! For example, if you have a Ladies’ Spring Scramble in May, you can send an event reminder to all women players from years prior to encourage early registration. Or if your club offers a 2019 Players Card, with discounted golf rounds, you can send a message to all 2018 Players Card Members.

In preparing for your targeted messaging strategy, you will need to export the email addresses of customer segments you want to message. Typically, you can export these from tee time booking engine, event registrations, email marketing platforms, etc.


If you want to learn more on targeted messaging and offers, please read our blog on Why Targeted Offers & Messages Are Important.

3) Marketing Game Plan To Promote Your App

Before you are in the middle of the busy season, create a marketing checklist that will remind you of App Promotion messages to send to your audience. Even if your app is five years old, it’s important to promote each season with your new “in-app rewards” or “upcoming club events”. By making this an initiative it reminds your audience your club app has content that is fresh and exclusive, increasing its value to your customers. In order to continue to grow downloads throughout your season, we recommend following the “marketing gameplan” below.

Monthly Checklist To Grow Downloads

  1. 1-3 social media post each week highlighting different features and benefit of the app.

  2. 1-2 dedicated emails per month that list all features of your club app.

  3. 1 push notification each week.

Do you need help promoting your app? No problem! Learn more about our marketing solutions that have helped clubs not only grow downloads but increase club revenue!

Learn more about Gallus Golf Marketing Solutions

4) Update Your Geofences

Do you know you can have up to 20 geofence messages configured for your club app?

These messages are ideal when targeted your customers visiting specific locations. We suggest placing these over high traffic areas, golf megastores, or even competing courses in your area! Create a specific offer or relevant message associated with the location, so your customers are incentivized to return to your club.

One location we see get very high send rates, is the one placed over a golf course. No surprise since those who have your Club App are likely to visit your facility, right? But when you consider how many hundreds of times this message can be sent each week, it’s a good idea to customize your messaging from time to time. Update the message over your course to promote F&B specials, new menu items, golf shop specials, upcoming club events, etc. Anything that can drive foot traffic and awareness to a club offering at your facility will be valuable to your bottom line.

The beauty of our geofence technology is you can “set it and forget it”. However, we always recommend checking in each month to see which messages are performing well to improve future messaging.


5) Monthly Offer Locker Specials

Did you utilize the Offer Locker last season?

This tool allows courses to configure exclusive in-app rewards that can be broadcasted to all your app users. During the high season, it’s a good idea to have 2-5 offers per month available to your customers. These can be tied to any operation of your business and do not have to be discount promotions. Create a bundle package of “The Ultimate Golf Experience” including golf, cart, lunch, beverages, etc. Once you have your monthly offer locker rewards ready, configure and schedule them in the Gallus Dashboard. As the start date for these offers comes up, they will automatically populate for your customers in the app.

6) Add Upcoming Events & Promotions

This probably goes without saying, but as a reminder, having any upcoming club events or promotions in your app is valuable content to provide to your golfers. Think of your Club App as a hub of information on all things related to your club! A good starting point is to create a document that has all your annual events and promotions listed in the month they take place. Update your app with those events at the beginning of each quarter, month, or whatever frequency that makes sense for your initiatives.


7) Loyalty Program

Do you have an existing Loyalty Program available in your Club App?

Great! Before your season starts, makes sure any rules, verbiage, end dates have been updated.

If you want to add a Loyalty Program, we have points and punchcard program types. These are simple to set up and a great launch date is at the beginning of the season. Including loyalty in your app provides additional incentive for customers to download and be reminded of your facility, as your business is now conveniently located on their smartphone device!


If you have any questions about your app or best ways to prepare for the season, please contact or your account manager.

Why Targeted Offers & Messages Are Important

How To Use Targeted Messaging & Offers

Last month, we introduced our targeted offers and messaging to our partnered clubs. This marketing tool allows you to instantly send relevant messages and offers to your customers based on whatever criteria you like. You may receive offers like this already personally from national brands like CVS, Nordstroms, or Domino’s Pizza. Now your club can perform similar marketing techniques to effectively engage with your customers too! In this blog, you will learn more about why targeted marketing tools, like the one available to you, is a win for your club and customers! Also, we are going to provide a list of ways you can use send targeted messages to your customers depending on the offer scenario or customer type.

As you are probably noticing more than ever, brands are using online retargeted efforts to capture your attention and entice you to their site. It is fate or “meant to be” that the Hawaii Getaway trip being advertised to you is popping up days after looking into flights to warmer weather states. As creepy or annoying as this can be, it’s actually quite effective when it comes to converting an online audience to paying customers. In fact, according to a recent study on consumer behavior, 71% of respondents said they would prefer ads that are tailored to their personalized interests and shopping habits. In addition, 44% of customers said in order to receive more relevant offers, they would be willing to provide their name, address, email address, and product preferences. These statistics show consumers are expecting more when it comes to the customer experience and marketing engagement. Why this is important is because you can now use similar retargeting methods to engage with your customers with relevant offers or messages based on their interests and spending habits.

I’ll walk through some examples of what you can send and things to consider when crafting these offers!

Holiday Promotions

Since we are in the thick of the Holiday shopping season, let’s start off with some ways to target specific customer segments this time of the year. Many clubs are offering general promotions to entice 2019 memberships, players pass, gift certificates, and discounts off merchandise. These are great general promotions, but try targeting your customers with the following:

  • Get A $100 Gift Card, Get A Free $25 Gift Card

    • Target Segment - Members at your club. Your members already have a golf covered with their membership, but they would certainly appreciate a credit or gift card to your pro shop, where they can purchase something for themselves or gift that to someone else.

  • New Golf Equipment In Stock - Target high spending customers to reserve their new driver. If you have golf equipment in your golf shop and anticipate a new stock of the latest and greatest by Taylormade of Callaway, make sure to get that message out to your customers.  

    • Target Segment: customers who have purchased golf equipment from you or customers who have spent over $500 in the last year. This segment is those that have shown a history of significant purchasing behavior at your golf shop.

  • Sip and Shop Night. Shop the golf shop sales, and enjoy a complimentary glass of wine in the Clubhouse. An event like this takes minimal effort and investment (a few bottles of wine) and doesn’t necessarily need a “sale” or discount associated with it.

    • Target Segment: Members or women at your club. Women tend to be the shoppers in the household, or if targeted to members only, it creates an exclusive perk that makes them feel valued.

sip and show.png

Win-Back Offers

Every business wants to find the “secret sauce” solution that keeps their customers wanting to come back. It’s no surprise in golf that many of our customers have options when it comes to where they can play, so it’s important to target your customers to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Tournament Player Offer - $5 Off Your Next Round. From any tournament, your win-back offer can be a targeted offer. When using the Gallus Tournament Software, you can easily set that up. In addition to growing your downloads for your Club App, you have the opportunity to market to these players via targeted messaging. Send tournament players an offer for $5 off their next round or a 2-for-1 Golf to encourage them to come back with a friend (new customer!).

    • Target Segment - Tournament Players

tournament offer.png

We Miss You Offer - $10 Off Your Round

  • Target Segment - Customers who would play consistently and haven’t played your course in 2-3 months. If you want to dive into a specific customer segment, such as those who would play on the weekends, have an offer that is weekend specific. Tailoring a reward to their previous tee times will be beneficial in getting them back to your course.

Food & Beverage

Drive more spend to food and beverage through your app! Our mobile ordering solution, onTAP, allows your customers to view and make orders to your kitchen from any location. Orders can be customized to be either be picked up at the clubhouse or delivered at their location on the course. Below are some examples of how you can grow your kitchen sales by utilizing the app tools available to you.

  • 10% Off When You Order Through The App. Make this an ongoing offer each month to those who have not made an in-app order. This will create some buzz around the new feature of ordering through your app and entice your golfers to be more engaged with their app usage. Each month update the offer and the new list of customers who have not made an order and they will be notified they have an offer waiting for them.

    • Target Segment: First-time Spenders

  • Beer Bucket Deal For Group. No need to always discount. You can offer a special package or experience for your golfers who have booked with a friend. For any of twosome or foursome booked for the week, send them a Beer Bucket Special for 6 domestic beers for $30 or a volume price that is aligned with your menu. This is a win for the golfers, who feel like they are getting a deal and a win for the course who is getting them to increase the average spending transaction during a typical day at the course. Cheers to that! 🍻

    • Target Segment: Twosome or Foursome Booked (over 21 years of age)

beer bucket.png

Memberships & Annual Players Passes

  • Purchase Your Membership. Whether you offer an annual membership or players pass program, this is an easy way to remind and ensure your customer renew with you. Simply send them a message with a reminder of the perks and payment date, and ideally a link to guide them to a payment confirmation page. If your player's passes are semi-annual or monthly, use this same messaging technique to engage with that target audience.

    • Target Segment: Existing Members

How To Send A Targeted Offer:

  1. Think about which customer segment you want to target. Export their emails from your tee sheet or email list.

  2. What is the offer that is relevant to this segment? This can be a discount or a value-added package.

  3. Once logged into the Gallus Golf Dashboard, create the offer in the Offer Locker.

  4. Target the message to your customer segment by importing the emails.

  5. Check “Send Push” and click “Create” and your offer will send!

Gallus News | Gallus Golf Marketing Solutions Helping Golf Clubs Increase Their Customer Engagement

Featured in The Golf Wire on October 25th, 2018


Gallus Golf’s latest marketing solution, LaunchPad, was introduced in the summer of 2018 and is already demonstrating significant success for new partnered clubs needing marketing assistance. This six-week program helps clubs quickly grow their mobile app downloads during their initial app promotion phase, as well as provide marketing strategy and app management to ensure customers stay engaged with clubs long term. On average, partnered clubs using LaunchPad and Gallus marketing services have experienced 3 times the app growth rate than clubs who are not. In addition, these clubs are positioned to have better customer engagement through the communication and loyalty tools available.

Michael Todd, President, and Director of Operations of Legacy Ridge Golf Club says, “The introduction of the Legacy Ridge app with the support of Gallus Golf has been a fantastic addition. It gives us another platform to reach our loyal customs in a very technologically advanced manner. One of the many ways we are using the app to stay connected with our members is through push notifications. We send them out frequently to make sure we are top of mind when it comes to their choice for golf. Also, setting up geofencing around our property is just another way to notify our members and guests of opportunities that will be beneficial…and grab more share of pocket! Our Ridge Rewards is another great way to stay connected, keeping in-app offers fresh and exciting. Without a doubt, all of these tools make our customers more engaged.”

Wildhawk Golf Club in Sacramento, CA is another Gallus partnered club, that has seen customer engagement soar since launching their app and using Gallus marketing tools. Wildhawk’s Golf Manager, Paul Henderson, states, “We have had nothing but good comments about the app, from the ease of the download to the overall functionality. The loyalty program has been especially popular with golfers with many redeeming their “reward round” after only a few weeks. Golfers have also been responding well to the ease of the online food & beverage feature. Our Grille phone is ringing less with golfers ordering from their phone.” Henderson adds, “The Gallus Golf team made the development and launch of the app extremely easy. I’ve gone through many painful website launches and marketing this app has been nothing compared to those experiences. I highly recommend using their Launchpad marketing option.”

Given the success of LaunchPad, clubs are gravitating towards Gallus Golf’s full-service marketing solution, BOOST. This service was praised earlier this month by President and CEO of St. Marys Golf & Country Club Matt Staffen as “taking our marketing presence to the next level” and described as having “a full-on marketing team, that is great at what they do and also understands the game of golf”. How BOOST differs from LaunchPad is by providing long-term marketing strategies for golf clubs, while handling the weekly execution of email campaigns, app management, social media, online reputation management, and graphic design. This ongoing marketing partnership with clubs has relieved courses of the headache of handling daily marketing tasks, allowing them to focus on business operations and their customers, all for a considerably smaller investment than hiring a marketing staff to do so at the course. With BOOST’s ongoing marketing efforts, clubs have experienced increased app growth, event participation, membership sales, and overall positive word of mouth by their customers.

Learn more about Gallus Golf’s Marketing Solutions.

Important Message From Our CEO, Jason Wilson

Why Gallus Golf is NOT a Mobile App Company…

Want to know some of the most frustrating comments I hear from golf courses? Here are a few: “Oh yeah, I know about Gallus Golf. They build GPS apps.” Or maybe, “I’ve heard of you guys, but we already have GPS on our carts, so I don’t think we need a mobile app.” Or, “You know, most of our customers just use a paper scorecard and have rangefinders, so we don’t need a scoring app.”

This made me realize a couple things. That we have done a fantastic job of making Gallus Golf well known as an app company. And we REALLY need to do a better job making sure golf courses know what Gallus Golf really does, because we are NOT A MOBILE APP COMPANY!

When we started Gallus Golf in 2011, our goal was to enhance the golfer experience at YOUR golf course, and create better engagement with YOUR customers or members using technology. Everything we do is built around this concept.

In reality, Gallus Golf is a Customer Experience company. Custom apps just happen to be the primary vehicle to help our clients deliver on today’s consumer expectation.

I’ve got a tremendous team who is very passionate about golf. What we honestly discuss every week is “Man, we have built some awesome stuff for golf courses! How can we get more using it and get the most out of it”. The ideas, solutions, and technology we produce from that mindset span well beyond a simple “GPS app”.

  • Gallus Golf creates kick ass marketing collateral for our golf course clients to help them create awareness about their event, membership offers, golf tournament, or their brand in general.

  • Gallus Golf helps courses implement Loyalty Programs that foster enormous customer appreciation, drive repeat spending, and increased customer loyalty to their brand.

  • Gallus Golf produces creative marketing campaigns across email, web, social media, mobile apps, and on-course messaging to increase revenue across all facets of their business.

  • Gallus Golf builds innovative technology to enhance the golf outing experience for our clients, helping them deliver a fun and interactive customer experience at their club.

  • Gallus Golf delivers new and effective ways for our course clients to communicate with their customers & members about everything at their club.

  • Gallus Golf helps our clients learn more about their customers, behaviors, and how to create a personal experience that is relevant to each.

Gallus Golf does all of the above and much more. Yes, we can build a golf course their own custom mobile app, and yes that app does have a pretty cool GPS feature in it. But if that is all you think Gallus Golf does for a golf course I apologize, because I have not properly introduced you to Gallus Golf.

Gallus Golf is the Customer Experience Partner for any golf courses ready to do something different to exceed the expectations of their customers. We’d love to talk about it with you.