With BOOST, your customers are always being driven to your current and upcoming course promotions and events, along with ongoing fun items to keep your business top of mind. You gain your own “Director of Marketing” for less than the cost of a moderately qualified, part time intern. We will handle all the day to day marketing, so you can focus on course operations and your golfers!


One-on-One Strategy Meetings

We work with you to develop a unified and consistent plan for your course. In our strategy sessions, we determine goals, coordinate materials, report on progress, and even provide staff training as needed.


Email Campaign Management

We will take care of all email marketing from design to implementation, including tee time confirmations, follow-up emails, and any other promotional emails related to campaigns.


Unified Content

Building a brand is not easy, and making sure your content remains unified across all channels is crucial.  We make sure that this unity exists through your content, design, timing, and strategy.


Social Media Management

We manage any and all of your social platforms, including but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This will include managing engagement strategy, managing content (collaborative effort for photo-related materials), responding to posts and comments, sharing when applicable, and smart tagging.


Your Brand Reputation Watchdog

We will monitor, review, and respond to all publicly-visible reviews (pending prior consultation with you as appropriate) to make sure your course continues to thrive. Platforms include, but are not limited to: GolfAdvisor, Yelp, Facebook, Google Plus, greenskeeper.org, and TripAdvisor.


Mobile App Management

Management of your mobile app includes all-around engagement initiatives, as well as strategy and implementation of push notifications (including geofence and other targeted promotions), monthly offers, events, and tournaments - all the while keeping your digital content fresh, and identifying growth patterns and other marketing opportunities.


Key Performance Indicator Driven Results

We take your success personally, and in order to ensure you reach it, we dig deeply into every metric showing how your campaigns are performing.  By taking a very granular look, we arm ourselves with the knowledge to continue to improve your marketing performance with each new effort made.


Graphic Design

Graphic design work will be completed as necessary to supplement email, social media, and app engagement campaigns. Examples include digital banners and iconography, printed flyers and signage, as well as video production (not to include on-site videography).

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