Meet the #1 Custom Course App In Golf


Why a Gallus Golf Mobile App?

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Fully Featured

Amazing Golfers require an amazing experience, on and off the course. Keep them coming back by offering them an enhanced playing experience, all the while strengthening loyalty and driving revenue.

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Powerful Tools, Easy to Manage

Know what your customers need before they do. Smart analytics and effortless app management will be your key to continued success.

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Reinventing the Way You Communicate

Customer communication is more important now than ever before. We live in a mobile economy - Connect with your golfers intelligently while harnessing the power of smartphone technology.

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Tournaments Wihtout Hassle

Create unforgettable tournament experiences. Simple, cloud based management and seamlessly integrated into your mobile app.

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Driving Competition with the Gallus Tour

Everything we do at Gallus is designed to get more golfers playing more golf at your course. With the Gallus Tour, we create automatic fun and flexible golf challenges every month.

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