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We believe we are defined by what our clients have to say about us. Don't take our word for it, take theirs, and then meet our team to learn why Gallus loves what we do.

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Meet The Team

Our success is only possible because of the dedicated and hard working individuals below that keep Gallus humming!

Jason Wilson, CEO, Gallus Golf
Jason Wilson
​Chief Executive Officer
Zach Wilson, CTO, Gallus Golf
Zach Wilson
​​Chief Technical Officer

Kyle Youngkin, Product Owner, Gallus Golf
Kyle Youngkin
Product Owner

James Walsh, Director of Sales, Gallus Golf
James Walsh
Director of Sales
Matt Kadin, Director of Customer Success, Gallus Golf
Matt Kadin
Director of Customer Success
Colin Gooch, Director of BOOST Marketing, Gallus Golf
Colin Gooch
Director of BOOST Marketing
Jessica Lewis, Head of Product Design & Development, Gallus Golf
Jessica Lewis
Head of Product Design & Dev
Jheswin Montoya, Senior Software Engineer, Gallus Golf
Jheswin Montoya
​Senior Software Engineer
Dax McKaughan, Marketing Associate, Gallus Golf
Dax McKaughan
Marketing Associate
Phil Sisneros, Customer Success, Gallus Golf
Phil Sisneros
Customer Success
Ryan Ruma, Customer Success, Gallus Golf
Ryan Ruma
Customer Success
Ryan Ruma, Customer Success, Gallus Golf
Shannon Transue