Gallus Crafts Engaging Custom Mobile App Experiences

Delivering tailored, high-performing mobile apps that drive increased engagement, retention and higher conversion rates while offering you unparalleled creativity and innovation... but don't just take our word for it!

Strengthening Relationships

Established in 2011, Gallus believes in the power of custom mobile apps to strengthen the bonds between golf facilities and their customers. 

Our proprietary suite of innovative golf technology features continually evolves in response to the dynamic needs of the golf industry, serving as a catalyst for superior customer experiences and streamlined operations to help our clients engage and retain their customers. 

As a leader in the golf industry, Gallus maintains an unwavering commitment to exceeding customer satisfaction. Our dedication to our clients reflects in the delivery of cutting-edge, custom mobile solutions, and setting new industry standards. 

Golf Course

Meet The Gallus Team

Our success is possible because of the dedicated and hard working individuals that keep Gallus humming! 

Jason Wilson, CEO, Gallus Golf
Jason Wilson
​Chief Executive Officer
Zach Wilson, CTO, Gallus Golf
Zach Wilson
​​Chief Technical Officer

James Walsh, Director of Sales, Gallus Golf
James Walsh
Director of Sales
Matt Kadin, Director of Customer Success, Gallus Golf
Matt Kadin
Director of Customer Success
Colin Gooch, Director of BOOST Marketing, Gallus Golf
Colin Gooch
Director of BOOST Marketing
Jessica Lewis, Head of Product Design & Development, Gallus Golf
Jessica Lewis
Head of Product Design & Dev
Jheswin Montoya, Senior Software Engineer, Gallus Golf
Jheswin Montoya
​Senior Software Engineer
Dax McKaughan, Marketing Associate, Gallus Golf
Dax McKaughan
Marketing Associate
Phil Sisneros, Customer Success, Gallus Golf
Phil Sisneros
Customer Success
Ryan Ruma, Customer Success, Gallus Golf
Ryan Ruma
Customer Success
Ryan Ruma, Customer Success, Gallus Golf
Shannon Transue