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Integrate With Gallus

With an open API and bevy of available features,

Gallus is ready to integrate with any system.

Customer Data Delivered Securely To Your CRM

As customers use your app, data is acquired about their preferences, activity, and tendencies. Added into your CRM or point-of-sale system, this information becomes a powerful resource for informed decision making in marketing and operations.

Tap into customer data from Gallus and use it for automated, artificial intelligence-fueled insights to help your business run at optimal form.
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Personalized Push Notifications Triggered By Your Data

Push Notifications are a powerfully direct way to reach customers with timely updates and reminders. Combined with the data stored in your systems, Gallus apps can automatically work to keep customers up to date.

Use data from any system to trigger Push Notifications to specific users instantly with everything they need to know along with a call-to-action that directs them to their next step.
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Targeted Rewards Sent Directly To Their App

Imagine generating a special reward for a user after they haven't played for a month. Or perhaps customers that purchase a prepaid package need to see their redemptions on their device.

It's all possible with our Offers API. Create and manage app-only rewards based on triggers from external systems to automate your workflow.
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Round Data Collected & Stored In The Customer's Profile

As customers play at your course, valuable insights into their typical score and even handicap are collected by your Gallus app.

Bring this actionable data into your system of choice to post scores on their behalf, reach out when they need a lesson, or track the typical score on your new redesign.
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Loyalty Data For Insights Into Repeat Play

After creating a Loyalty card for users to gain access to their current standing, it's vital to collect their activity for metrics on how it's performing. This helps with revenue forecasting and transforming occasional customers into regulars.

Gallus' Loyalty API takes the guesswork out of where users stand and places actionable data into the hands of the course operator.
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