Mobile App Loyalty & Rewards

Mobile loyalty and rewards can help you to engage and retain your customers. Allow them to easily track their efforts directly in your app and send personalized relevant offers to keep them coming back for more. 

Mobile App Offers, Coupons

​Digital Promotions - Offer Locker

Instantly send relevant digital promotions and offers to your customers. Enticing offers will help increase customer engagement, spend, and repeat visits. Offers can be targeted to groups, pre-defined segments, and individuals.

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Digital Loyalty & Rewards

Simple to set up, and easy for your customers and members to use. Customize multiple loyalty programs all tracked right through your golf app. Drive loyalty revenue for golf, F&B, lessons, merchandise, and much more.
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Mobile App Loyalty & Rewards Programs
Mobile App Payments, Wallet

Gallus Wallet - Digital Funds

The Gallus Wallet allows your customers to purchase, redeem, and reload digital gift cards through your app. Gone are the lost digital cards or passports! Customers can now access and use their digital cards with ease.

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