In-App Messages & Pop-Ups

Deliver important messages at the precise moment they should be seen.

Striking Content
At Just The Right Time

Display messages at a specific moment during a user's mobile app journey with Gallus Golf's Pop-Up's module.

Deliver a full-screen overlay after hole 8 to promote food & beverage ordering or prompt users with important facility updates as soon as the app is opened.

Pop-Up's are also a timely and efficient way to sell ad sponsorships for your facility. Charge a flat fee and watch your revenue numbers soar!

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Options, Options, Options

Craft your messaging with our easy to use Simple Editor. A preview helps with design every step of the way, ensuring your content and call-to-action button appear exactly how you envision.

Pop-Up's can display 24/7 or on specific days of the week, ensuring messages display at the most opportune moment.
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