Adding Flexibility To Your App Through External URL's

Kyle Youngkin
06-19-23 02:54 PM Comment(s)
In the digital age, golf facilities are increasingly embracing mobile apps to enhance the experience for their members and guests. These apps serve as a one-stop destination for golfers, providing information, services, and convenience right at their fingertips.

Among the features that make an app so powerful, the in-app browser stands out as a game-changer. It offers immense flexibility by allowing the integration of external URLs, enabling golf courses to present all of the systems they work with in one app. This streamlines their operations and elevates customer satisfaction.

In this blog post, we'll explore some compelling examples of how golf courses can utilize the in-app browser to make their operations more efficient.

What Is The In-App Browser?

The in-app browser is an integration to a device’s native web browser. In most cases, this means Safari for iOS users and Chrome for Android users.

App administrators can direct a button in their app to a URL. When the button is tapped, users are kept within the app but are able to view and interact with content on the specified webpage. This means anything available online can be added into a single app interface, meaning the typical user only needs one app instead of multiple.

This method is utilized by some of the most popular apps across every industry, including the MLB app, Sweetwater, and even Google News. If it’s works for them, this could be the answer for your club too!

Now that we have an understanding of what the in-app browser is, let’s take a look at some examples from Gallus apps that could be creative options for your facility.
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Lesson Booking Links

Lesson Booking Example
Whether beginners or seasoned players, golfers seek opportunities to enhance their skills through professional instruction. Integrating lesson booking links into an app facilitates convenient scheduling for golf lessons and keeps PGA Professionals' schedules full.

Users can easily navigate to the preferred instructor's profile and book a lesson directly from the app. This seamless experience saves time and eliminates the need for golfers to visit external websites or make phone calls, increasing overall efficiency.

Some of the most common lesson scheduling softwares we see facilities use include:

Member Portals

Clubs often have dedicated portals for their members, providing access to exclusive content and services. By incorporating member portal links within the in-app browser, facilities can create a personalized experience for their members without the need for deep (and costly) integrations to their system.

These portals can include features such as tee time reservations, event registrations, account management, handicap tracking, and more. They are often password protected, meaning that security will extend to the app when a user attempts to access one of these pages.

By enabling members to access these services directly from the app, facilities foster a sense of belonging and make it convenient for members to engage with the club.
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Member Portal Example

Tee Time Booking

Tee Times Example
Efficient tee time management is crucial for golf courses to ensure a smooth flow of players and optimize pace of play. With the in-app browser, golf courses can integrate third-party tee time booking platforms, allowing users to reserve tee times directly from the app.

This integration eliminates the need for users to switch between apps or websites, simplifying the process and enhancing the overall user experience. Users can quickly browse available tee times, select their preferred slots, and confirm their bookings seamlessly.

Gallus works with all of the major booking engine providers. Click the link below to see it in action!
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Course Conditions & Updates

Informing users of course conditions, closures, or any other updates is essential for maintaining effective communication. With the in-app browser, facilities can link their app to real-time weather reports, course condition updates, and even live webcams.

This integration provides users with the most up-to-date information on course conditions, ensuring they are well-prepared for their round. Facilities find that linking to the external sources streamlines their workflow and eliminates the need for them to update multiple systems.

By keeping users informed within the app, golf courses can enhance customer satisfaction and avoid any potential miscommunications.
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Weather Example
We were sending out daily emails with course conditions and frost delays, plus dealing with a lot of calls each morning regarding conditions. We have now ‘trained’ our members and guests to look at the app each morning, we update the conditions daily there.

The members love it that they can now just check the app in the morning if they have a round scheduled. Gallus has really helped our operations. 

Stacy Dunster
Director of HR & Club Operations, Red Hawk Golf & Resort

Food & Beverage Ordering

onTap Food & Beverage Ordering Example
Onsite dining can be a vital part of a club’s monthly revenue stream. Integrating external URLs for food and beverage ordering platforms within the app's in-app browser allows golfers to conveniently place their orders in advance.

Whether it's reserving a table for lunch, pre-ordering snacks for the turn, or arranging post-round drinks, having this functionality available in the course’s app makes the process seamless. Users can easily navigate to the preferred menu, make their selections, and complete the transaction, saving time and effort for both the users and the staff.

Gallus has its own app ordering system called Gallus onTap, which comes with an online dashboard for menu updates, menu customization, and report generation. Click the link below to learn more.
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From start to finish, implementing our app was quick and painless thanks to the Gallus team. Members love being able to access tee times, GPS and scoring all in one place.

The standby feature has been a hit and has drastically reduced phone calls to our Pro Shop staff from players looking for that last minute opening. The same goes for access to online ordering from our restaurants. Services we never thought possible are now available such as the Driving Range feature (GPS for our 10 flag locations), Leaderboard and score sharing. 

Thank you Gallus Golf! Could not have done it without you! 

Sue Bartley
Operations Manager, Yarmouth Golf


The in-app browser is a powerful tool that empowers clubs to enhance their operations and provide a seamless experience to their members and guests. By integrating external URLs within their app, facilities can streamline processes such as lesson booking, member portals, tee time reservations, course updates, and food and beverage ordering.

The result is a more efficient and convenient mobile experience, where users can access a wide range of services without ever leaving the app. As golf courses continue to embrace digital solutions, leveraging the flexibility of an in-app browser will become increasingly vital in meeting the evolving expectations of golfers in the modern age.
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Kyle Youngkin