Pages: Bringing App Customization To The Next Level

Kyle Youngkin
01-16-23 11:09 AM Comment(s)
The new Pages module continues Gallus' mission to push the boundaries of what’s possible in a custom-branded mobile app.

Pages allows app administrators to easily create beautifully native custom screens in their app without the need to link out to an external browser. True to form, we’ve ensured the process of creating a Page is simple and intuitive.
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Why Are Pages Important?

Gallus app admins have always been able to add URL links to webpages from their app. This method allows all content to be managed on the website itself, with the app automatically updating as soon as the webpage goes live. The unfortunate result of this method is pages are displayed through an in-app browser (Safari or Chrome depending on the phone’s OS), which doesn’t “feel” like it’s a part of the app.

Customers challenged us to come up with a better way to display their content through an editor in our dashboard. Based off their feedback, we came up with an unparalleled user experience that always feels custom and specific to the app that’s being viewed.

How Custom Can Pages Be?

App administrators now have a wealth of tools at their disposal through the Pages module in their dashboard. Our goal was to give them options, which should help their vision come to life through unique ways.

Included in Pages is the ability to produce various forms of text through a simple editor box. Delineate different sections using the new Header functionality, which makes text larger and bold to stand out to end users. Add tappable links to email, call, or view an external webpage. Upload beautiful imagery to showcase your facility and organize your content through numbered or bulleted lists.

Whatever content you can think up, Pages can handle it.
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How Can Pages Be Used?



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Pages can be displayed on the Home Screen or Side Menu of an app, either in the form of a direct link or a folder with multiple options within. Some of our customers have already begun leveraging this feature with content for lessons, memberships, and even upcoming events.
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In Conclusion

Pages continues Gallus' heritage of empowering facilities to present their content in their way. We're excited to watch as your vision comes to life through these highly customizable screens!