Gallus & Club Prophet Integrations

Club Prophet Integrations

Gallus and Club Prophet have been great partners who are committed to delivering innovative solutions to golf course operators. Check out a few of the integrations being used today by Gallus and Club Prophet customers.

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Tee Times

With our Single Sign On (SSO) integration with Club Prophet easily allow your customers to log in view, book, and manage their tee times within your custom-branded mobile app.

Mobile Tee Times
Mobile Check-In in Custom Mobile App

Mobile Check-In

In today's world of self-service options, Gallus and Club Prophet are able to deliver convenience for your customers through Mobile Check-in.

Golfers can easily view their upcoming tee times, check in and pay through your app, and your staff can immediately see they are set and ready on the tee sheet.

Give your customers the choice and empower your staff to continue to provide better service to those customers in front of them.

Standby - Tee Time Waitlist

Automate your tee time waitlist with Standby!

When users can't find a tee time they can easily create tee time Standby slots.  Standby then provides an automated solution for them to snatch one up when a cancellation occurs. The resulting Push Notification takes them exactly where they need to go to book the time. 

Saving you and you staff time and potential lost revenue. 
Golf Tee Time Waitlist, Mobile Standby
Mobile Wallet, Prepaid Funds

Digital Wallet

Today's customers seek convenient and accessible membership programs for their lives on the go. Gallus apps provide an accessible membership card that pulls information from the customer's Club Prophet profile.

Viewing an existing prepaid balance is as easy as tapping into the app's user profile. Low funds remaining? Reload the Wallet card using the club's Prophet Pay payment processor right within the app.

What Our Club Prophet Customers Are Saying

"From start to finish, implementing our app was quick and painless thanks to the Gallus team. Members love being able to access tee times, GPS and scoring all in one place. The StandBy feature has been a hit and has drastically reduced phone calls to our Pro Shop staff from players looking for that last minute opening. The same goes for access to online ordering from our restaurants. Services we never thought possible are now available such as the Driving Range feature (GPS for our 10 flag locations), Leaderboard and score sharing. Thank you Gallus Golf! Could not have done it without you! "

Yarmouth Golf -  Sue Bartley, Operations Manager

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