Mobile Check-In

Give customers a top-notch experience

with lightning-fast tee time payments through your app.

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Streamline Your Check-In Process

After booking their tee time in your app, shouldn't players be able to check-in there as well?

Mobile Check-In displays a card at the top of your app's home screen when a tee time their window has opened. From there, users can indicate who they're paying for, whether they're walking or riding, and pay for their round.

Tee Sheet & App In Perfect Harmony

Payments are posted to the same processor as your pro shop, simplifying your end-of-month accounting.

After payment is confirmed, your tee sheet immediately updates to indicate a customer is checked in and paid. They're now free to pick up their cart keys or walk straight to the first tee, where your starter already knows they're good to go.
Details On Mobile Check-In
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Tight Integration With Club Prophet

Mobile Check-In integrates with your Club Prophet tee sheet to keep your course running smoothly.

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