A Game-Changing Wallet Integration with Club Prophet

Kyle Youngkin
08-25-23 12:31 PM Comment(s)
Gallus continues to push the boundaries of innovation in golf with their latest integration with Club Prophet: Wallet.

This revolutionary mobile Wallet, nestled within a club's custom-branded mobile app, has the potential to reshape how golf enthusiasts interact with their favorite courses and manage their prepaid balances. Much like the seamless convenience offered by other popular apps, Gallus Golf's Wallet empowers customers by putting the control of their funds directly into their hands.
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We're pleased to continue our fruitful partnership with Club Prophet through our new Wallet feature. We are tirelessly working to push the golf industry forward through seamless integrations. Courses are looking for something that simplifies their workflows and we feel this is yet another answer to a complex operational need.

Kyle Youngkin
Product Owner, Gallus

Game-Changing Profile Management

In an industry where convenience and personalization are key, Gallus' Wallet integration with Club Prophet is a game-changer. It is designed to streamline the prepaid balance process, ensuring users can focus more on perfecting their swing and less on navigating complex payment procedures.

The process is elegantly simple: The customer signs into their Club Prophet club account on their Gallus app. Wallet retrieves essential information from the club's point-of-sale system and presents it neatly within the user's profile. Users are granted immediate access to critical data, including their member ID, customer class, prepaid balance, and a scannable barcode.

This functionality bridges the gap between a club's financial operations and its customers' mobile devices, creating a harmony that enhances the overall facility experience.

Empowering Users Through Convenience

Imagine stepping onto the green with nothing more than your trusty golf clubs and your smartphone. With Gallus' Wallet, that scenario is now a reality.

The app mirrors the familiarity of apps we use in our daily lives, where users manage their prepaid balances without the need for staff intervention. Now, golfers can do the same, quickly checking their prepaid balances and transaction history on the go, then using their phone for payment when they're at the facility.
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Key Features Of The Wallet Integration

Member ID & Customer Class

Membership details are readily available, allowing for personalized interactions with the club and its staff.

Prepaid Balance At A Glance

No more second-guessing your account balance. With just a few taps, users can view their prepaid balance in real-time, providing peace of mind before hitting the course.

Scan-and-Go Convenience

The scannable barcode makes transactions a breeze. Whether purchasing items from the pro shop or grabbing a snack at the halfway house, a simple scan is all it takes.

Transaction History

Sometimes users need help refreshing their memory. That's why we included every reload and redemption from the past six months at the bottom of every user's Wallet screen.

Existing Integrations Between Gallus & Club Prophet

Wallet is the next in a long line of integrations between Gallus and Club Prophet. After years of committed partnership, we're pleased to offer a complete mobile app solution designed with golf course operators in mind. Let's review some of the integrations that are already in place:

Tee Times & Mobile Check-In

Scheduling tee times has never been easier. With the app's Tee Times feature, golfers can secure preferred slots with a few taps. Once at the course, Mobile Check-In eliminates queues, ensuring players can swiftly transition from the digital world to the green.


Life is full of surprises, and golf should be no different. The Tee Time Standby feature lets golfers seize last-minute openings directly from the app, allowing them to enjoy the game on their terms.

Push Notifications

Customers need a direct line of communication to stay up-to-date on club happenings and course conditions updates. The Push Notifications integration allows for easy filtering composition in Club Prophet and immediate communication with app users.
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A Seamless Transition To The Future

Gallus' Wallet integration with Club Prophet seamlessly transitions golf clubs into the future, blending the timeless tradition of golf with the modern convenience of mobile technology. No longer do golfers need to fuss with paper receipts or worry about forgotten prepaid cards; everything they need is right at their fingertips.

As golf continues to attract enthusiasts from all walks of life, staying ahead of the technological curve is a must for clubs looking to provide unparalleled experiences. Gallus' Wallet integration with Club Prophet is the bridge between traditional golfing values and the future of customer-centric, tech-driven interactions.

In a world where convenience reigns supreme, Gallus and Club Prophet's Wallet integration moves the conversation forward, transforming golfing transactions into a seamless, personalized, and hassle-free journey. It's time to experience golfing in a whole new light — one where managing your prepaid balance is as simple as a tap and a scan. Welcome to the future of golf management, where the power of control rests firmly in your hands.
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Kyle Youngkin