Elevate Your App Experience with Gallus Golf's BOOST Marketing Services 

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In the dynamic realm of golf course management, having a mobile app is no longer just a luxury; it's a necessity. You need more than just an app to truly maximize its potential – in short, you need strategic management services.

At Gallus Golf, we understand the nuances of golf app management. Our BOOST Marketing services are powered by PGA Professionals and crafted to take your app to unparalleled heights.

Read on to learn more about the mobile app content management services we provide in our BOOST marketing program and the difference they can make for your club.
BOOST Marketing
“I have used marketing services at other clubs but never really thought it was very beneficial. The team at Gallus Golf and BOOST marketing deliver.

They take the time to work out the best campaigns based on your needs. They work around my schedule and are always efficient and professional. Colin and Dax are easy to work with and make themselves available every time I need to communicate with them.

I cannot see us using a different company. Truly outstanding service!"

Laura Beuhring, PGA
General Manager, Park Mammoth Golf Club

Engagement Initiatives

At the core of our BOOST Marketing program is a commitment to ensuring your app features comprehensive engagement initiatives. We go beyond the basics, offering a tailored approach to app content and messaging that keeps your users thoroughly engaged.

By creating experiences that go beyond the ordinary – from interactive features to user-friendly interfaces - we ensure your users keep coming back for more.

Fresh Content Updates

Stale content can quickly turn users away. With Gallus, you can rest assured that your digital content will always be fresh and up-to-date. Regular updates and relevant information ensure that users find value every time they open your app. 

We understand that the key to sustained engagement lies in providing a consistently enriching experience, which is why we're there to help every step of the way.

Strategy and Push Notifications

Push Notifications are a potent tool when used strategically. Our team develops a customized strategy for your app, ensuring timely and relevant notifications that captivate your audience without becoming intrusive.

The BOOST team understands it's about creating an experience that is both personalized and impactful, drawing users back in with every notification.
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Monthly Offers

Keep your users excited with exclusive monthly offers. Our BOOST Marketing services encompass the planning and execution of enticing promotions that drive user interaction and participation.

These offers aren't just discounts; they are a way to create a sense of exclusivity, making your app a go-to destination for golf enthusiasts.
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Events and Tournaments

Elevate the experience for your users by seamlessly integrating events and tournaments into your app. From local competitions to virtual challenges, we create a dynamic platform that keeps golfers coming back for more.

Use the power of your app to foster a sense of community and competition within the digital realm.
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Your golf app is not merely a digital accessory – it's a vital component of your golf course's identity and engagement strategy. Gallus Golf's BOOST Marketing services provides a comprehensive solution to elevate your golf course's digital presence.

At Gallus Golf, we're not just managing apps; we're transforming golfing experiences. Click the button below to learn more about how BOOST can elevate your facility's marketing game.
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