SMARTER MARKETING... Relevant Targeting

Recently we shared an article with you that shared many stats from us and the NGF that highlighted reasons to market to a demographic that lines up perfectly with the golf world. We discussed just how engaged the 45-65 year old demographic is with your marketing efforts, and this week we’d like to talk about a SMARTER path to reaching them and then driving a very loyal relationship.  You can read the other article HERE.

So, how do we get “smarter” in a marketing approach? Making your approach RELEVANT is absolutely key.

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 1.41.48 PM.png

The most important thing we can do in marketing to achieve success is make it relevant to the people who will be receiving your marketing messages. If you have attended any conference in the golf industry in the past few years, you’ve likely heard at least one speaker rattle on about how crucial collecting data is to your success as a golf business.  A lot of times that data they are referring to is simply making sure you are getting your customers’ email addresses, but we’d like to talk about diving much deeper into data you likely have easy access to, and then we will address how to put it to work for you.

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 1.43.02 PM.png

Data is what is going to make your marketing message Relevant.

For example, you’d like to run a “Defector” campaign - meaning let’s pick a number of days, say 30, that an individual has not played your golf course, and then make an effort to get them back to the course ASAP.  This campaign could be worded in a message something like this: “We miss you! It’s been a while since we’ve seen you here at Whisky Barrel Golf Club and we’d love to have you back soon. The course is in awesome condition right now, and to entice you just a bit, we will knock $5 off your next round and a sandwich and a soft drink are on us during your visit!”

Choosing the data you would like to be your criteria to make these offers can be anything:

  • Bounce-Back offers to a tournament field - “Thanks for participating in the Superintendent’s Revenge tournament last weekend. As a show of our gratitude, redeem this offer for ____ on your next visit!”

  • Birth Month offers - “Hello September Born Golfers! Did you know we offer ____ during a visit in the month of your birth? Redeem on your next visit!”

  • Moving Merchandise - data shows you who in the last 6 months has purchased a particular brand that you may be currently overstocked with “Special NOW and while supplies last - Show this offer in the golf shop for 10% off all Travis Mathew merchandise”

Or anything else you can dream up.  This DATA is available in your POS system, and with just a little effort you can be building RELEVANT offers to market right away.

Next - DELIVER your message…  It’s as easy as 1,2,3 in your branded mobile app from us, and it’s something that can be delivered exclusively to the audience, or even down to the individual you choose.

  1. Mine the DATA you want to build your offer around

  2. Build your message in the Offer Locker portion of YOUR app

  3. Send it to the audience you’ve chosen

Then we help you reach out even further by providing you the list of people who are not receiving it in your app so you can shoot them a quick and direct email directing them to the Offer Locker and how to redeem it.

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 1.36.36 PM.png


Great Question!  The Offer Locker feature, and particularly Targeted Offers, are still relatively new within our apps.  Here are some stats for the courses we work with that have begun to use the Offer Locker in their apps:

  • There have been 2,892 offers made as of August 31, 2019

  • Within those offers they have been viewed by users 318,153 - this is the equivalent of an open of an email. The user has opened the specific offer and viewed it. 

  • That means there have been 110 sets of eyeballs on every offer extended

  • 48,421 of these offers have been redeemed by customers.  That means every offer is redeemed by 17 people on average. 17 may not sound like a lot, but if that translates to rounds and you make many offers per month - this could add hundreds of rounds and thousands of dollars to your year


As mentioned in last week’s blog (HERE), our most engaged demographic within the apps we have built is that golfer demographic, the 45-65 year-olds.  

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 1.36.45 PM.png

Pair this with the engagement statistics above, and send a RELEVANT message, based on DATA that is from your customer base, and success will follow!  Then, once you have established the pattern of them accessing and engaging with your Offer Locker, begin placing offers in there that repeat on a monthly basis to keep them coming back over and over again.


To begin utilizing your Offer Locker and to talk through the right strategy, feel free to reach out to us and schedule a time to talk. or call 888-426-8124 ext 2


To talk through all of the great features in addition to an Offer Locker we can build for you in your own custom app, email or call 858.437.9262

Golf Marketing 101: Choosing the Right Demographic

We all have heard the old saying, “If a tree falls in the woods but nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound?” The same can be said for marketing efforts. If we send out the absolute perfect message or ad, but it doesn’t reach the right audience, will it be heard?

The answer is NO!

In any business, the most important marketing decision is recognizing your core demographic. We attend conferences and read articles banging on us about how important attracting Millenials is for the growth of the game. I, however, would like to dispel that myth and focus on a marketing and business fact in this article. Let’s take a look:

MYTH: Every industry must cater to millennials for success and growth to follow.

FACT: As a business, to be financially successful, you must target a demographic that fits your specific strategy.


Now, before the golf industry comes down on me for beginning to say millennials are not important, let me say they are. They are important for the growth of the game, and it is our responsibility in the industry to continue to help grow golf. It certainly is growing in that demographic, but it doesn’t matter TODAY to your bottom line. The millennials will begin spending with you when they are ready. TODAY, they are not.

Here are some additional demographic facts:

  • There are currently 83.6 million people aged 45-65 in the US, including 8 million that are golfers.*

  • This age group contributes 150 million rounds of golf per year and has a golf-related annual spend of $9 billion.*

  • This demographic is growing, and by 2050 will make up over 28% of the population (as today’s millennials reach that age).*

  • Over the last 30 years, 45-65 year olds have out-spent each of the other demographics.*

  • 45-65 year olds FIT the Golf Demographic perfectly:

    • 2 out of 3 claim they are not under financial stress.*

    • They are willing to invest in high dollar items.*

    • 61% in this demographic have more free time than younger demographics.*

    • Only 51% of this demographic remains employed full time, while the millennial demographic has 74% employed full time.*

    • The nests are empty, or the children are at least older and more independent adding to their free time.*

  • 75% of the 45-65 demographic report they are regular social media users, and 70% indicate they are likely to purchase from a business they follow in social media.*

  • 61% of mobile app users of Gallus clients are older than 55, and another 31% are between 35-54.*

Age Graphic.png

There are so many key points to make from these facts, but here are a few I think are key:

  1. Older people are highly engaged with technology and thus with the marketing that’s produced within it.*

  2. This 45-65 demographic is where the bulk of a typical golf course’s revenue comes from.*

  3. This demographic has the most time to get on the course and play, or invest in joining a club.*

  4. They are intimately connected to millennials. Drive financial success now by focusing your programs on 45-65 year olds first, with a secondary emphasis on including their kids and grandchildren in golf/social events.*

  5. Millennials will reach this demographic and fit the same time and spending habits when their time arrives.*

Going back to talking “Marketing 101” for golf - being successful in who you market to means understanding the return on the marketing investment you would like to see. If your goal right now is to spend the bulk of your investment and time on a demographic that won’t have the time and money to play for 20 years, I hope your revenue is in a position to support that for the long haul. Ask what your current goals are for your marketing efforts, then execute in a corresponding manner.

You can have the same effect on millennials by concentrating the bulk of your marketing efforts on the demographic that can produce for you financially right now. Then, when the millennials of today reach that 45-65 demographic, your business will be in solid shape from years of reaping the financial rewards of marketing properly. Working capital will be healthy. The course conditions will be exemplary. The elder family members of this demographic will have been playing with you for years, and a snowball effect will take shape.

Rob Hoffman

Vice President of Gallus Golf

*Generational statistics from the National Golf Foundation/Dr. Alexis Abramson

Key Factors in Choosing Technology Partners for your Golf Course

The technology landscape for any type of business can be overwhelming. Finding the right solutions can feel like a never-ending task or one that you make concessions and sometimes settle for less than you had hoped for just to get a solution in place. There is so much as a business operator that you need to solve, ranging from a Point of Sale system, booking engine and tee sheet, website, mobile app, email marketing, social media, graphic design software, a system to manage your customer database, and, ideally, some platform to help you analyze the performance of everything. It is daunting, to say the least.


“Speaking transparently from a tech company leadership viewpoint, this is daunting to us as well,” according to Rob Hoffman, Vice President of Gallus Golf. “We see golf course leaders who are dealing with the stress of navigating these decisions daily, and it’s not easy. If there is any singular recommendation I can make, it would be to find companies to work with that genuinely want to PARTNER with you.”

Hoffman provided a list of key characteristics to seek out in finding these “Partners”. It is important to ask questions like these when interviewing a new tech partner:

  • NOT a “One-Stop-Shop” - While you may be able to find a partner who is able to offer you a suite of services that seems to cover all of the bases, you should take time to make certain their concentration revolves only around their core competency. When a technology company attempts to build everything, pieces suffer. We highly recommend working with companies that have an “Open” system, meaning they are partnered/integrated with other best in class solutions to better serve you.  “Closed” systems that attempt to deliver all-in-one solutions can easily have their resources spread very thin, very quickly. The unfortunate result is often extremely slow implementation, technology segments that fall behind, and poor service across the entire platform.


“When a technology company in the golf industry is claiming to have built it all for you themselves - BEWARE!” Hoffman warns, “Tech today changes faster than the speed of life, and companies of all shapes and sizes put vast amounts of effort keeping their features top-notch. Once developed, simply maintaining those pieces to remain relevant with changing landscapes is a full-time proposition in itself.”

He continues, “It is key to work with companies that concentrate on their core strengths. If they offer you more, it is by including technologies from other best-in-class providers they have partnered with.  Otherwise, the secondary services they are providing to you are a lock to be second rate, or worse, solutions that do not get enough of their support and attention.”

“121 Marketing’s recent release of CampaignPilot is a prime example. They have integrated technologies that are best-in-class (including Gallus Golf, a graphic design platform, social media posting to all of the top social media platforms, posting to the course website, and email campaigns) within a unified dashboard of their own to provide a full set of features for their clients. It’s a brilliant solution.” says Hoffman.

  • Revenue Growth - Does this piece of technology being pitched to you have elements that will be new to your business and can immediately begin to incrementally grow your revenue? It is not always your job to tell the technology company what you need. As a true partner, they need to provide you specific solutions that direct new growth verticals within your current business model. Simply solving a problem or meeting an immediate need is not a complete answer, but additionally providing you solutions you may not be asking for separates the true tech partners from the vendors of the world.

Users choice.jpg

When asked about this, Hoffman states, “When shopping for technology for their course, most look for a solution to cover a portion of their operations.  While managing operations is important, technology should operate in a manner to drive behavior in your clients that increases revenue. If the tech company you are talking with has not incorporated such, then they are not a true partner, but simply a vendor.”

“This can be as simple as Loyalty/Rewards programs or as complex as highly targeted methods to take the data you have and reach out directly to individuals, prompting them to do more business with you.” Hoffman explains, “It can also include integrations that increase the ease with which your customer communicates and purchases from you, even making their phones terminals for your POS systems. The more technology can directly connect you to your clients in a simplified way, the more loyal they will become to your business. You don’t have to look beyond Amazon as a shining example of this - just ask Sears or Toys ‘R Us how well it worked for them to be one-stop-shops that did not evolve.”

The recent integration between Club Prophet Systems (CPS) and Gallus Golf perfectly exemplifies this. It has allowed courses that utilize the CPS services to offer mobile tee time check-in through the course’s mobile app provided by Gallus. It is the first solution of its kind within the golf world but matches the type of mobile check-in offered in the hospitality world by companies like Marriott and Omni. This technology grants golf courses the ability to cater to their customers in a similar fashion to technologies they already interact with on a daily basis.  With people becoming increasingly accustomed to interacting with brands through different forms of technology, those that fail to make the necessary improvements will simply be left in the dust. For consumers, If something cannot be accomplished from their phone, they will move on to the next business that does offer that capability.

“The bottom line for me, if I were at the helm of a golf course, would be to ask myself if the proposed technology company truly feels like a partner and whether their success depends on my success.” Hoffman concludes, “A true partner will provide pathways to success and growth for your business, not just answer an immediate need.”

CampaignPilot from 121 Marketing:  Brought to you by the team at 121 Marketing, CampaignPilot is a full-service marketing platform that combines the most common and successful marketing strategies in a single, easy to use, online application.  Courses can ideate, create and launch a complete marketing campaign and automatically post it to Facebook, Twitter, their Website, Email, App and more. All in a matter of minutes.

Courses can sign up for free at

Club Prophet Systems is a trusted provider of fully integrated golf course software and serves more than 1,700 facilities, in 16 countries, and in nine languages. CPS customers can be found across the golf industry's broad spectrum of destinations, large and small, public courses and private golf clubs, including operators running multiple courses and management companies.

Custom Branded App or 3rd Party Aggregator App?

Featured in The Golf Wire on August 7th, 2019

A few things you should really consider before telling your golfers to download a golf app.

More and more consumers today expect a great mobile experience in nearly everything they do on a daily basis. When they research a new product to buy, search where to get lunch, get directions to a destination, or what golf course to play, in most cases their first reaction is to reach for their smartphone to find the answer. And yes, this does include all golfers and not just young golfers. (59% of our Gallus app users are 55 years or older.)

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 10.30.30 AM.png

If you are a course owner or operator looking to stay relevant, you must consider a strategy to meet the mobile experience your customers have come to expect. Mobile apps are one of the most effective ways to deliver a great mobile experience and drive engagement with customers. There are numerous options out there, but one important question to consider:

Do I build a custom branded app for my golf course, or is making sure my course is available in a larger aggregator golf app good enough? What is the difference?

An aggregator golf app is a 3rd party golf app that has most or all golf courses in the market available to golfers. It might have useful features like general course info, tee time booking, GPS, etc for your course. But it also has all of those features for your competitor courses available to that same golfing customer.

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 10.33.38 AM.png

A custom branded golf app for your course has many of the same features (and more in some cases), but it is specifically tailored to your club. 100% of the content and functionality for the golfer is catered for them to interact with everything about your facility. And you (the course operator) have full control over what is communicated with those customers via your app. 

So the question again: Does it matter which app you want your golfers to download? There are a few important things to consider.

Who is really benefiting when more golfers use the app?

Considering the aggregator app, in most cases the app was developed by a 3rd party company such as your tee sheet & point-of-sale provider. Generally, they want to maximize the number of golfers using the app for a simple reason: they make more money by getting more tee times across more golf courses in front of more golfers. Specifically, the tee times they earn booking fees on, or the discounted bartered tee times they earn 100% of the revenue on when booked.


So if you’re a course operator who is promoting a 3rd party branded aggregator app to your customers, trust me they are thrilled with all your efforts! You are effectively helping them gather more golfer eyeballs on the bartered tee times they earn money on. Not just for your course, but you’re also proactively pushing your precious customers to a golf app that also promotes your competitors. The app doesn’t care which course your customer books tee times at, yours or the course down the street, they just want to sell more tee times.

You are gifting them your valuable customer data on a silver platter.

They can learn from that customer behavior, turn around and market other competing golf courses in the exact same app. When else would you willingly share your customer database to benefit your competitors? Nearly every single golf course today has their own distinct website. You don’t see every course abandoning their online club identity and opting to just be listed on an aggregated website listing all courses. Why would you do the same with something as important as your mobile presence with customers?

An app custom branded specifically for your club offers the same great features and functionality for your customers, but you have 100% control over the app content, communication, and customer data. You can put in the exact same effort to encourage your golfers to download YOUR course app, but without the concerns described above with an aggregator app. After that successful app adoption, you can now create an enhanced experience with YOUR course, and messaging through the app to drive more revenue for YOUR course. 

This is the spirit that Gallus Golf was built on, and continues to provide for their clients. Building mobile app engagement through the eyes of course operators to so it benefits their business.

So in conclusion, here are a few questions to ask your mobile app provider:

  • Do I have full control over all the messaging and content my customers will see in the app?

  • When I tell my course customers to download this app, will they be able to book tee times at other golf courses?

  • Will you ever use the app user data to market competing courses or tee time offers to my customers through the app, email, or other channels?

As a course owner or operator, just some things to think about before blindly encouraging your valuable customers to download a 3rd party’s mobile app. Remember, they are YOUR customers and should be downloading YOUR app.

Gallus News | Gull Lake View Golf Club & Resort Partners With Gallus Golf As Their Marketing Provider

Featured in The Golf Wire on February 22nd, 2019

Gull Lake View Golf Club and Resort, one of the Midwest’s premier golf destinations, has partnered with Gallus Golf, the leader in mobile app technology and marketing solutions. Gull Lake View offers six championship courses, resort lodging, multiple dining options, club events among other activities for their customers to enjoy.  Their branded mobile club app will help grow the golf community already in place by creating a central hub of club information easily accessible to all golfers, guests, and members. Given the vast amount of activities and amenities available to their customers, the Gull Lake View App will help in connecting the club to its many customer segments.

With features like online tee times, loyalty programs, online ordering for F&B, and event information, golfers will have easy access to offerings conveniently located on their smartphone. Gallus technology is designed to seamlessly connect the golf club to its golfers while increasing revenue across all sales verticals. Gull Lake Golf Club is excited to implement these marketing tools, just in time for their 2019 season.

Jon Scott, President of Gull Lake Golf Club & Resort says, “We see a value in using data to help create a meaningful value proposition for our customers. We think that Gallus has the right tools to gather and translate this data, so we can better serve our customers with their unique wants and needs. In essence, Gallus provides the tools to maximize our capacity to interface with our customers on an intimate and granular level. We believe that this is the foundation of great customer relations and a profitable business model.”

About Gull Lake View

Gull Lake View is the Midwest’s premier, stay and play golf destination. Southwestern Michigan’s idyllic lake country is the backdrop for our six championship golf courses, each of which has earned a rating from Golf Digest of 4.5 stars or higher. Designed to balance the unique beauty and terrain challenges inherent in our landscape with pure enjoyment and recreation, all of their world-class courses offer a special experience for golfers. Their newest course, Stoatin Brae, was ranked the #5 Public Course in Michigan by Golfweek. To learn more about Gull Lake View, please visit

Prepare Your Mobile Marketing Strategy For The 2019 Season

How many times have you gone into the golf season with intentions of preparing your marketing strategy and then been hit with a tidal wave of unforeseen issues and non-stop work days, shoving those marketing tasks down on the priority list?

We understand you are managing numerous operations at your facility - including tee time reservations, F&B operations, retail, among other sales verticals. In this week’s blog, we provide a checklist of app items to cross off to make your 2019 season and marketing efforts smooth!

1) Track Your Mobile Tee Time Reservations

Are you curious what percentage of your tee times are made via your club app?

Here’s how you can find that out! All you need to do is contact your Tee Sheet Provider and request they provide you with a separate sales channel in your tee sheet. Once you have that unique url, you can paste it into the backend of your app under “booking options” and watch the sales roll in. You will be able to view booked revenue via the app, in the dashboard of your tee sheet provider. If promoting tee times on multiple online channels (website, social media platforms, etc.) we suggest using different booking URLs for each to track the performance of our marketing efforts.  

2) Targeted Messaging

New this 2019 season is the ability to send targeted messages and offers to specific customer segments and individuals! With this feature, you can send more relevant messages to customers based on their profile and spending data! For example, if you have a Ladies’ Spring Scramble in May, you can send an event reminder to all women players from years prior to encourage early registration. Or if your club offers a 2019 Players Card, with discounted golf rounds, you can send a message to all 2018 Players Card Members.

In preparing for your targeted messaging strategy, you will need to export the email addresses of customer segments you want to message. Typically, you can export these from tee time booking engine, event registrations, email marketing platforms, etc.


If you want to learn more on targeted messaging and offers, please read our blog on Why Targeted Offers & Messages Are Important.

3) Marketing Game Plan To Promote Your App

Before you are in the middle of the busy season, create a marketing checklist that will remind you of App Promotion messages to send to your audience. Even if your app is five years old, it’s important to promote each season with your new “in-app rewards” or “upcoming club events”. By making this an initiative it reminds your audience your club app has content that is fresh and exclusive, increasing its value to your customers. In order to continue to grow downloads throughout your season, we recommend following the “marketing gameplan” below.

Monthly Checklist To Grow Downloads

  1. 1-3 social media post each week highlighting different features and benefit of the app.

  2. 1-2 dedicated emails per month that list all features of your club app.

  3. 1 push notification each week.

Do you need help promoting your app? No problem! Learn more about our marketing solutions that have helped clubs not only grow downloads but increase club revenue!

Learn more about Gallus Golf Marketing Solutions

4) Update Your Geofences

Do you know you can have up to 20 geofence messages configured for your club app?

These messages are ideal when targeted your customers visiting specific locations. We suggest placing these over high traffic areas, golf megastores, or even competing courses in your area! Create a specific offer or relevant message associated with the location, so your customers are incentivized to return to your club.

One location we see get very high send rates, is the one placed over a golf course. No surprise since those who have your Club App are likely to visit your facility, right? But when you consider how many hundreds of times this message can be sent each week, it’s a good idea to customize your messaging from time to time. Update the message over your course to promote F&B specials, new menu items, golf shop specials, upcoming club events, etc. Anything that can drive foot traffic and awareness to a club offering at your facility will be valuable to your bottom line.

The beauty of our geofence technology is you can “set it and forget it”. However, we always recommend checking in each month to see which messages are performing well to improve future messaging.


5) Monthly Offer Locker Specials

Did you utilize the Offer Locker last season?

This tool allows courses to configure exclusive in-app rewards that can be broadcasted to all your app users. During the high season, it’s a good idea to have 2-5 offers per month available to your customers. These can be tied to any operation of your business and do not have to be discount promotions. Create a bundle package of “The Ultimate Golf Experience” including golf, cart, lunch, beverages, etc. Once you have your monthly offer locker rewards ready, configure and schedule them in the Gallus Dashboard. As the start date for these offers comes up, they will automatically populate for your customers in the app.

6) Add Upcoming Events & Promotions

This probably goes without saying, but as a reminder, having any upcoming club events or promotions in your app is valuable content to provide to your golfers. Think of your Club App as a hub of information on all things related to your club! A good starting point is to create a document that has all your annual events and promotions listed in the month they take place. Update your app with those events at the beginning of each quarter, month, or whatever frequency that makes sense for your initiatives.


7) Loyalty Program

Do you have an existing Loyalty Program available in your Club App?

Great! Before your season starts, makes sure any rules, verbiage, end dates have been updated.

If you want to add a Loyalty Program, we have points and punchcard program types. These are simple to set up and a great launch date is at the beginning of the season. Including loyalty in your app provides additional incentive for customers to download and be reminded of your facility, as your business is now conveniently located on their smartphone device!


If you have any questions about your app or best ways to prepare for the season, please contact or your account manager.

Gallus Golf To Focus On Member Experience & The Gallus Golf Club App At The CMAA

Featured in The Golf Wire on February 19th, 2019

Gallus Golf, the leader in member experience solutions, will be exhibiting at the CMAA World Conference And Club Business Expo in Nashville, TN. Since 2011, Gallus Golf has expanded its branded mobile app technology to help clubs better connect to their members. Gallus partnered clubs using tools, such as targeted messaging, online ordering for F&B, club announcements, and handicap posting, have seen an increase in member engagement. By utilizing these tools, clubs have been able to strengthen member relations, increase monthly spend, and grow their branded golf communities.

With private clubs having a focus on club amenities and events, a branded mobile app has worked as a hub of information for all current events at their facilities. This has been especially helpful for clubs, who would like to highlight the many other activities offered outside of golf. To help drive awareness and participation at social events, clubs can utilize targeted messaging. This marketing tool allows for unique member segments or individuals to be notified about activities related to their member profile or history of engagement with the club.

At the show, Gallus will happily show how easy this engagement can be through a demonstration on the Gallus Golf Club App. The app was released at the PGA Show to “test drive” a partnered course experience and have first access to Gallus Golf specials, marketing resources, and integrations news. Their initial product special was on Day One of the 2019 PGA Show when they announced the first five new customers would receive a free Chromebook. The limited supply promotion was sold out shortly after the announcement was made. They are expected to announce their next product special on February 26th at the CMAA World Conference And Club Business Expo.

Download the Gallus Golf Club App Today.

If you are attending The CMAA World Conference And Club Business Expo in Nashville and would like to learn about how Gallus Golf can help your club, you can find them at booth 1048. Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Rob Hoffman, National Sales Director, Brandon Clark, and Regional Sales Manager, Joe Wheeler will be representing Gallus Golf and exhibiting from February 26th – 27th.

Gallus News - Gallus Golf To Highlight Their Member Experience Solutions At The CMAA World Conference And Club Business Expo

Featured in The Golf Wire on February 6th, 2019

Later this month, Gallus Golf will be exhibiting at The CMAA World Conference And Club Business Expo in Nashville, TN. For eight years Gallus has been a technology leader in golf, helping clubs better connect to their members. Through club branded mobile technology, Gallus has provided easy marketing tools to share news and increase member engagement across all verticals within the club.

Gallus Golf continues to expand its value in the private sector through delivery of new technology, such as their click-to-order F&B solution onTAP, highly-targeted messaging (down to the individual member when necessary), handicap posting, and more. Designed to elevate the member experience on and off the course, these tools have also increased member spending. It was reported last year with the launch of onTAP, partnered clubs saw their food & beverage sales increase by 15% within just one month.

Gallus technology has been developed to interface with all member dashboard platforms. This gives members access within the club’s branded app to the course tee sheet, account billing, a member directory, calendars, and anything else the club has included in the member portal.

Gallus messaging tools are aligned with private clubs focus on golf and social events. Partnered clubs use their branded app as a hub of information for all things going on at their facility, including amenities other than golf. Through Gallus Golf’s release of targeted messaging, clubs can create segments specific to member behavior at the club, and send relevant messages to those segments pertaining to all events.

“We are excited to once again be exhibiting at the annual CMAA Show. We continue to grow with country clubs as member adoption and engagement has been high. A mobile app presence is becoming something that is no longer on the wish list for clubs, but more a demand of members looking to be connected. At the show, we’d love to meet with club operators to demonstrate exactly what we can do for each of them.”, says Rob Hoffman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Gallus Golf.

If you are attending The CMAA World Conference And Club Business Expo in Nashville and would like to learn about how Gallus Golf can help your club, you can find them at booth 1048. Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Rob Hoffman, National Sales Director, Brandon Clark, and Regional Sales Manager, Joe Wheeler will be representing Gallus Golf and exhibiting from February 26th – 27th.

About The CMAA World Conference and Club Business Expo

CMAA’s World Conference and Club Business Expo is the Association’s most visible annual event and the largest gathering of club industry professionals. Held in major cities throughout the United States, close to 3,000 CMAA members, partners, allied representatives and vendors from around the world attend this event.

Gallus News - Gallus Golf To Highlight Their New Mobile App Tee-Time Check-In Carolinas PGA Show

Featured in The Golf Wire on February 5th, 2019

Gallus Golf will be exhibiting at the 2019 Carolinas PGA Show in Greensboro, NC. Along with their marketing solutions, they plan to showcase their new mobile app check-in. This feature allows for golfers to check in a day or more before their tee time and make payment. Beyond customer convenience, this will avoid abandoned tee times and create opportunities for golf shop staff to have more meaningful conversations with customers. Instead of the focus being on the check-in discussion, the golf shop can better engage with golfers and present upsell opportunities. This technology piece was first unveiled at the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show last month and received much praise from industry professionals and partnered clubs excited to implement the new feature.

Gallus Golf has proven their continued focus on enhancing the customer experience over recent years and has no plans to slow down for 2019. The Gallus Marketplace was released last month and provides a library of best-in-class technologies for their partnered clubs. These current and upcoming integrations range from tee sheet providers, point of sale, tournament and website partners among many others. Included in this list is foreUP, Club Prophet Systems, Vision Perfect, Golf Genius, and 1-2-1 Marketing. With the release of these integrations throughout 2019, Gallus is excited to share how these technologies can help clubs communicate more seamlessly with customers in a revenue-driven manner.

Gallus Golf Sales Director, Brandon Clark states, “I’m excited to represent Gallus Golf as we exhibit our services for the first time ever at the 2019 Carolinas PGA Show. Over the past nine years, Gallus Golf has been the golf industry leader in mobile technology. We are never satisfied and are always seeking new ways to help courses keep their golfers engaged and provide a stronger communication channel. All while improving the overall experience for your golfers on your branded app. The Mobile App Tee Time Check-In is just the latest development along those lines.”

If you are attending The Carolinas PGA Merchandise Show in Greensboro and would like to learn about how Gallus Golf can help your club, you can find them at booth 428. Sales Director, Brandon Clark will be representing Gallus Golf and exhibiting from February 17th – 19th.

About The Carolinas PGA Merchandise Show

The CPGA Merchandise Show is one of the largest regional golf trade shows in the U.S.  We hope you will join us and experience our Merchandise Show in Greensboro with many of our 2,000+ Carolinas PGA Professionals and Associates. To learn more, visit

2019 PGA Show Recap

Another PGA Show has come and gone! It's always one of our favorite weeks to connect with many of our partners across the industry and share our new technology solutions. Leading up to the show we were excited to announce our Gallus Golf Club app, upcoming 2019 integrations, and mobile app check-in! For those of you who were not able to attend, be sure to check our recap of the show and learn what’s in store for 2019!


The Gallus Golf Club App


Leading into the Day One of the show, we announced that we have released the Gallus Golf Club app. When you download the app, you will have early access to product specials, integration news, and marketing tips. This is also a very helpful resource if you want the best practices on utilizing your club app!

Download the Gallus Golf Club app today!

Mobile App Check-In


Speaking of integrations, we have lots to share with you about what’s to come for 2019. One new integration feature unveiled at the 2019 PGA Show is our Mobile App Check-In. This new feature will allow golfers to self check-in and pay for their green fee right from the course’s mobile app. As golfers check in a day or more before and pay, abandoned tee times will become a thing of the past. This will also create a more dynamic golf shop experience when the golfer arrives at the course. Golf shop staff will now be able to relieve some of their focus on check-in and replace it with more meaningful conversations with customers.

The initial rollout of this feature will be available with foreUP, Club Prophet Systems, and Chronogolf for the 2019 season. Our integrations don’t stop here. Learn what else we have planned for 2019 with our Gallus Marketplace.

Gallus Marketplace

Gallus Marketplace.png

Our “Innovation First” Approach for 2019 was kicked off with the release of the Gallus Marketplace, a one-stop shop featuring integrations and partnerships with many best-in-class providers. These integrations, set to be released throughout 2019, will help courses communicate with their customers in a revenue-driven manner. Featured in the Gallus Marketplace is a list of partners ranging from Tee Sheet Providers, Tournament Softwares, Website and Technology Solutions. With these new connections to data, clubs will be able to enhance the customer experience in a variety of ways. Through our partnership with Cognistix, courses will be able to leverage AI to drive revenue to any operation of their facility. Cognistix is an Artificial Intelligence developer and using their machine learning technology the two will be able to send automated offers and messages to the individual golfer.

Improving the tournament experience is another big initiative for Gallus. Listed on the Gallus Marketplace for 2019 integrations are Vision Perfect, Golf Genius, and Golf League Tracker. These integrations will expand on the tournament and league needs of course operators, while also connecting seamlessly to their branded course app for an interactive golf experience.

Available in early 2019, our partnered clubs will have access to Players 1st customer feedback tools. Players 1st is the leading provider in golfer satisfaction feedback. Their platform designed to help your club retain and recruit players.

For more details on current and upcoming integrations, please visit

Women’s Golf Day

Women’s Golf Day held a panel discussion this year to educate industry professionals on their global movement to grow women’s presence in golf. Women’s Golf Day will be June 4th, 2019 and is a four-hour event that takes place around the world at registered locations. Since it's start in 2016, over 900 locations in 52 countries have participated. The panel included a range of industry leaders including Troon Executive Kris Strauss, PLAY for P.I.N.K., and PGA Professionals among others. All speakers provided their perspective on how this inclusive initiative has helped their facilities expand their women's consumer base.

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 4.20.09 PM.png

Available now until February 28th, 2019 is FREE REGISTRATION for your facility to be an official location of Women’s Golf Day for June 4th, 2019. This offer, which normally in years past was $79, includes WGD Marketing Materials, Profile Page on the WGD website, and event reviews.

To learn more on Women’s Golf Day and their limited time offer, please visit

Topgolf Party and Client Visits

Always a highlight of the PGA Show is getting to connect with our partners and hear your feedback. This year was extra special getting to spend time with clients at our Topgolf Party! We shared many laughs and good

PGA Show 2019.jpg

Thank you to all who were able to visit us at the Show. 2019 is set to be our most innovative year yet, and we can’t wait to share the new solutions that will be released this year!

If you were not able to attend the show but would like to learn more about Gallus Golf integrations and solutions, please contact

Learn more about Gallus Golf Solutions at

Tips To Optimize Your Website & App

We’ve joined forces with 1-2-1 Marketing to list the best practices of optimizing a website and keeping app engagement high. 1-2-1 Marketing provides website and marketing solutions for golf facilities around the world, helping them sell rounds and memberships. Kent Ashby, Director of Digital Marketing at 1-2-1, breaks down his top tips on how to keep your site performance strong!

The website continues to play one of the largest roles when it comes to marketing a golf facility. Websites act as the cornerstone of marketing efforts. Email blasts, Facebook Ads, search engines, and other digital campaigns direct customers to the website in most instances. Because of this, ongoing maintenance and optimizations need to take place in order to keep up with the changing demands of golfers. After all, it’s not 1998 anymore. A lot has changed. Here are some helpful tips and best practices for improving your website’s performance this season.

More than Just Good Looks

While we pride ourselves on providing golf courses with websites that make great first impressions, functionality and accessibility trump all in 2018 and beyond. It’s important to ensure your website not only looks good on all devices, but functions just as well.

These days, users expect lightning-fast website experiences with quick and easy navigation. Your website should have a simple design with clear calls-to-action like “Book a Tee Time” and a contact number that’s prominently above the fold. This is especially true on mobile. Let’s use the screenshot below as an example. At first glance, there are really only two options a user sees; call the course or book a tee time. By simplifying the mobile version of the website to highlight only one or two actions, you save users the time and make their overall experience more pleasant. The smaller percentage of users looking for other information can utilize the menu to navigate to the appropriate place.

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 3.34.24 PM.png

A major topic in the golf industry recently is the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). In an effort to make the web more accessible for the disabled, ADA regulations now apply to some business websites, including golf courses. To make websites more accessible for the vision or hearing impaired, features such as closed captioning, contrast ratios, meta data, and navigation all need to be adjusted for use in conjunction with accessibility software. With ADA compliance being a point of legal turmoil for several golf courses in recent months, it may be time to take a closer look at website accessibility.

Have Fresh, Fun Content

Golf courses typically have a lot more going on than their website shows. Often times, website content can go stale, with years going by between updates. Start leveraging your website as if it’s a message board for everything exciting that’s happening at your facility! Leveraging things like the online Event Calendar and a blog can help keep customers in the know, potentially leading to more participation at the course.

Also, content should be fun! Don’t be afraid to show your personality in your content. People appreciate businesses that remind them that there’s an actual person on the other side of the keyboard. It’s okay to be witty, sarcastic, or silly, especially in the more informal setting of the blog format. Using your favorite GIFs or memes is a perfect way to connect with your customers on a less professional, but more meaningful way.

Capture Customer Data

People aren’t as willing to give up their personal information as they once were. In order for your website to be a data-capturing machine, you need to offer something golfers can’t refuse. Here are a few offers we’ve seen on websites that have helped with data capture:

·        A free round of golf for your birthday month

·        Free online golf instruction series / practice drills

·        Free appetizer with purchase of entrée

·        Free bucket of range balls

When you provide a strong incentive for users to give you their data, you’ll be surprised at how many more people will take you up on it. This can help build your email database significantly and works well on users that typically wouldn’t provide their contact information.

Tracking and Measuring Website Activity

Most golf course operators are at least familiar with the standard website metrics, like visits, users, time on site, and pageviews. While these metrics are important to take note of, there is a whole host of other tracking possibilities that will allow you to attribute value to your marketing efforts.

While Google Analytics in its standard form is a powerful tool, there are hundreds of other ways you can use it to track website activity. With a more advanced implementation of Google Analytics, you can track the source of tee time bookings, form submissions, purchases, phone calls and more. You can even see which of your marketing efforts are producing the most revenue! This is valuable information that can assist you in designing the most profitable marketing mix possible for your golf course.

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 3.32.35 PM.png

Make Sure You’re Being Found for Local Searches

Just because a website is SEO friendly doesn’t mean people are finding you on search engines. For golf courses, local search results provide the most value. These local search listings can be managed through Google My Business. Google My Business (GMB) allows business owners and operators to manage information such as hours of operation, imagery, and business categories. GMB also let’s golf course operators respond to reviews quickly and easily. Common mistakes we see with Google My Business listings are 1.) the course hasn’t claimed their listing, or 2.) the listing is incomplete. All things equal, an unverified or incomplete GMB listing will underperform, taking a backseat to businesses that tend to their listings regularly.

Often times the Gallus Golf on-course technology, such as golf GPS and scoring get a majority of the attention on tools to utilize. However, when utilized effectively it is our marketing tools that generate the most return to our partnered clubs. In this blog, you will learn how to get the most out of these tools and what the best practices are to ensure your customer connection remains strong!

Mobile App Tips from Gallus Golf Marketing Manager,

Molly Jasco

Keep App Content Up To Date

Your branded club app should be viewed as a hub of information for your customers to find: tee times bookings, club events, league information, junior golf, and general information. Fortunately, our tools are designed to reflect your website in a mobile-friendly view, so whenever an update is made on your site, it’s displayed in your app. The only place you will need to remember to update is News Items and buttons that may be seasonal. If you have new monthly events or specials, set a reminder to update that as often as needed. Your app users will appreciate seeing fresh content and will keep them engaged.

Create A Loyalty Program

Whether your Club App is five years old or launching this 2019 season, one thing to consider is including is a loyalty program. By having an exclusive in-app rewards program, you can create more value and give additional incentive for customers to download your app. The beauty of having a loyalty program in your Club app is that rewards are easily tracked and customers can always be aware of how close they are to earning a reward.

If you do not want to commit to a long-term program, one-time rewards are a great option. Our Offer Locker was released earlier this year and is essential a digital coupon that is sent to users directly in the app. Offers can be flexible to fit your club’s needs and sent to the full database or targeted segments. Targeted messaging is a marketing technique that customers are showing appreciation for with 44% of customers saying they would be willing to provide their name, address, email address and more in order to receive relevant offers.

Communication Is Key

Push Notifications are efficient in setting up and quickly delivering a message to your audience. Use push notifications to broadcast your club promotions, upcoming events, and even course conditions.

Tips To Remember With Push Notifications:

  1. Schedule a push notification once a week. App users who receive one or more push notifications in their first 90-days have 190% higher average retention rates than those who don’t receive any push notifications.

  2. Use Emojis! In a recent study with over 2.6 push notifications, data showed that emojis drive push notification opens by 85% and conversion by 9% 😃.

Use Geofence Messages

Timing is key for reaching users in a meaningful way. It’s impactful when a customer receives a notification showcasing deals in the pro shop and restaurant when they arrive in the parking lot. Research from a recent study shows 36% of people who shop using apps said a mobile location-based push notification influenced an in-store purchase they made.

Promote merchandise specials, new food menu items, or events to sign up for in the golf shop. By promoting these offerings to customers who are physically at your location, your chances of closing that sale are much greater.


When it comes to email marketing, we know promoting greens fee specials will get your golfers to your course, but often times, food & beverage or merchandise specials are not as strong of an appeal. With geofence technology, you can create a custom message for your golfers as they arrive at your club with all new specials and offerings available. 90% of US mobile users keep their location services turned on, and because your customers will be in the vicinity of these offerings, the likelihood of purchase is much stronger.

We hope you found these tips helpful in how to maintain a valuable online presence to your customers. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your Account Manager or

contact us at

Why Targeted Offers & Messages Are Important

How To Use Targeted Messaging & Offers

Last month, we introduced our targeted offers and messaging to our partnered clubs. This marketing tool allows you to instantly send relevant messages and offers to your customers based on whatever criteria you like. You may receive offers like this already personally from national brands like CVS, Nordstroms, or Domino’s Pizza. Now your club can perform similar marketing techniques to effectively engage with your customers too! In this blog, you will learn more about why targeted marketing tools, like the one available to you, is a win for your club and customers! Also, we are going to provide a list of ways you can use send targeted messages to your customers depending on the offer scenario or customer type.

As you are probably noticing more than ever, brands are using online retargeted efforts to capture your attention and entice you to their site. It is fate or “meant to be” that the Hawaii Getaway trip being advertised to you is popping up days after looking into flights to warmer weather states. As creepy or annoying as this can be, it’s actually quite effective when it comes to converting an online audience to paying customers. In fact, according to a recent study on consumer behavior, 71% of respondents said they would prefer ads that are tailored to their personalized interests and shopping habits. In addition, 44% of customers said in order to receive more relevant offers, they would be willing to provide their name, address, email address, and product preferences. These statistics show consumers are expecting more when it comes to the customer experience and marketing engagement. Why this is important is because you can now use similar retargeting methods to engage with your customers with relevant offers or messages based on their interests and spending habits.

I’ll walk through some examples of what you can send and things to consider when crafting these offers!

Holiday Promotions

Since we are in the thick of the Holiday shopping season, let’s start off with some ways to target specific customer segments this time of the year. Many clubs are offering general promotions to entice 2019 memberships, players pass, gift certificates, and discounts off merchandise. These are great general promotions, but try targeting your customers with the following:

  • Get A $100 Gift Card, Get A Free $25 Gift Card

    • Target Segment - Members at your club. Your members already have a golf covered with their membership, but they would certainly appreciate a credit or gift card to your pro shop, where they can purchase something for themselves or gift that to someone else.

  • New Golf Equipment In Stock - Target high spending customers to reserve their new driver. If you have golf equipment in your golf shop and anticipate a new stock of the latest and greatest by Taylormade of Callaway, make sure to get that message out to your customers.  

    • Target Segment: customers who have purchased golf equipment from you or customers who have spent over $500 in the last year. This segment is those that have shown a history of significant purchasing behavior at your golf shop.

  • Sip and Shop Night. Shop the golf shop sales, and enjoy a complimentary glass of wine in the Clubhouse. An event like this takes minimal effort and investment (a few bottles of wine) and doesn’t necessarily need a “sale” or discount associated with it.

    • Target Segment: Members or women at your club. Women tend to be the shoppers in the household, or if targeted to members only, it creates an exclusive perk that makes them feel valued.

sip and show.png

Win-Back Offers

Every business wants to find the “secret sauce” solution that keeps their customers wanting to come back. It’s no surprise in golf that many of our customers have options when it comes to where they can play, so it’s important to target your customers to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Tournament Player Offer - $5 Off Your Next Round. From any tournament, your win-back offer can be a targeted offer. When using the Gallus Tournament Software, you can easily set that up. In addition to growing your downloads for your Club App, you have the opportunity to market to these players via targeted messaging. Send tournament players an offer for $5 off their next round or a 2-for-1 Golf to encourage them to come back with a friend (new customer!).

    • Target Segment - Tournament Players

tournament offer.png

We Miss You Offer - $10 Off Your Round

  • Target Segment - Customers who would play consistently and haven’t played your course in 2-3 months. If you want to dive into a specific customer segment, such as those who would play on the weekends, have an offer that is weekend specific. Tailoring a reward to their previous tee times will be beneficial in getting them back to your course.

Food & Beverage

Drive more spend to food and beverage through your app! Our mobile ordering solution, onTAP, allows your customers to view and make orders to your kitchen from any location. Orders can be customized to be either be picked up at the clubhouse or delivered at their location on the course. Below are some examples of how you can grow your kitchen sales by utilizing the app tools available to you.

  • 10% Off When You Order Through The App. Make this an ongoing offer each month to those who have not made an in-app order. This will create some buzz around the new feature of ordering through your app and entice your golfers to be more engaged with their app usage. Each month update the offer and the new list of customers who have not made an order and they will be notified they have an offer waiting for them.

    • Target Segment: First-time Spenders

  • Beer Bucket Deal For Group. No need to always discount. You can offer a special package or experience for your golfers who have booked with a friend. For any of twosome or foursome booked for the week, send them a Beer Bucket Special for 6 domestic beers for $30 or a volume price that is aligned with your menu. This is a win for the golfers, who feel like they are getting a deal and a win for the course who is getting them to increase the average spending transaction during a typical day at the course. Cheers to that! 🍻

    • Target Segment: Twosome or Foursome Booked (over 21 years of age)

beer bucket.png

Memberships & Annual Players Passes

  • Purchase Your Membership. Whether you offer an annual membership or players pass program, this is an easy way to remind and ensure your customer renew with you. Simply send them a message with a reminder of the perks and payment date, and ideally a link to guide them to a payment confirmation page. If your player's passes are semi-annual or monthly, use this same messaging technique to engage with that target audience.

    • Target Segment: Existing Members

How To Send A Targeted Offer:

  1. Think about which customer segment you want to target. Export their emails from your tee sheet or email list.

  2. What is the offer that is relevant to this segment? This can be a discount or a value-added package.

  3. Once logged into the Gallus Golf Dashboard, create the offer in the Offer Locker.

  4. Target the message to your customer segment by importing the emails.

  5. Check “Send Push” and click “Create” and your offer will send!

Gallus News | Gallus Golf To Host Educational Webinar On November 13th Featuring Launch of New Marketing Tech Including Artificial Intelligence

Gallus Golf To Host Educational Webinar On November 13th Featuring Launch of New Marketing Tech Including Artificial Intelligence

Featured in The Golf Wire on November 7th, 2018

On November 13th, Gallus Golf will hold an educational webinar on a groundbreaking new feature they are launching. For years Gallus has been the leader in this space, and that trend continues with the capability to reach specific individuals or specific groups of individuals with custom messaging and offers available right on their smartphones.

Golf and Country Clubs will be able to define a specific audience to communicate with and send tailored messages directly to these individuals. Plus, create offers to the targeted individuals designed to be highly relevant to them based on their interactions or behaviors at the club. Just one example, post-tournament bounce-back offers can be directed to the smartphones of those who participated in the event to drive them back to the club. Gallus emphasizes that the sky is the limit here, saying that any reason a club can think it should reach out to any individual or group can be incorporated into this new feature.


Additionally, Gallus has partnered with Cognistx, to apply a layer of Artificial Intelligence to this process, allowing the technology Gallus provides the club to begin to learn how each individual behaves based on the messaging and offers being sent to them in order to optimize the engagement and experience each customer has.

Innovation and marketing solutions have been a continued mindset for Gallus Golf and providing these user-friendly tools to their partnered clubs is sure to result in an enhanced customer experience. “It is always exciting to deliver the new tools we’ve been working on to our clients, and I am really looking forward to getting this release into our customer’s hands” says Jason Wilson, Gallus Golf CEO. “Adding the Artificial Intelligence component has been on our roadmap, and we are thrilled to have Cognistx as a partner to help us realize this.”

“We are very excited to partner with Gallus Golf in delivering AI driven offers and customer

optimizations utilizing our OfferNet™ platform,” says, Sanjay Chopra, Cognistx CEO.

Event Details

Gallus Golf Webinar | Targeted Messaging & Offers

November 13th at 9 AM PST

Limited Space. Register To Attend Now 

Gallus News | Gallus Golf Marketing Solutions Helping Golf Clubs Increase Their Customer Engagement

Featured in The Golf Wire on October 25th, 2018


Gallus Golf’s latest marketing solution, LaunchPad, was introduced in the summer of 2018 and is already demonstrating significant success for new partnered clubs needing marketing assistance. This six-week program helps clubs quickly grow their mobile app downloads during their initial app promotion phase, as well as provide marketing strategy and app management to ensure customers stay engaged with clubs long term. On average, partnered clubs using LaunchPad and Gallus marketing services have experienced 3 times the app growth rate than clubs who are not. In addition, these clubs are positioned to have better customer engagement through the communication and loyalty tools available.

Michael Todd, President, and Director of Operations of Legacy Ridge Golf Club says, “The introduction of the Legacy Ridge app with the support of Gallus Golf has been a fantastic addition. It gives us another platform to reach our loyal customs in a very technologically advanced manner. One of the many ways we are using the app to stay connected with our members is through push notifications. We send them out frequently to make sure we are top of mind when it comes to their choice for golf. Also, setting up geofencing around our property is just another way to notify our members and guests of opportunities that will be beneficial…and grab more share of pocket! Our Ridge Rewards is another great way to stay connected, keeping in-app offers fresh and exciting. Without a doubt, all of these tools make our customers more engaged.”

Wildhawk Golf Club in Sacramento, CA is another Gallus partnered club, that has seen customer engagement soar since launching their app and using Gallus marketing tools. Wildhawk’s Golf Manager, Paul Henderson, states, “We have had nothing but good comments about the app, from the ease of the download to the overall functionality. The loyalty program has been especially popular with golfers with many redeeming their “reward round” after only a few weeks. Golfers have also been responding well to the ease of the online food & beverage feature. Our Grille phone is ringing less with golfers ordering from their phone.” Henderson adds, “The Gallus Golf team made the development and launch of the app extremely easy. I’ve gone through many painful website launches and marketing this app has been nothing compared to those experiences. I highly recommend using their Launchpad marketing option.”

Given the success of LaunchPad, clubs are gravitating towards Gallus Golf’s full-service marketing solution, BOOST. This service was praised earlier this month by President and CEO of St. Marys Golf & Country Club Matt Staffen as “taking our marketing presence to the next level” and described as having “a full-on marketing team, that is great at what they do and also understands the game of golf”. How BOOST differs from LaunchPad is by providing long-term marketing strategies for golf clubs, while handling the weekly execution of email campaigns, app management, social media, online reputation management, and graphic design. This ongoing marketing partnership with clubs has relieved courses of the headache of handling daily marketing tasks, allowing them to focus on business operations and their customers, all for a considerably smaller investment than hiring a marketing staff to do so at the course. With BOOST’s ongoing marketing efforts, clubs have experienced increased app growth, event participation, membership sales, and overall positive word of mouth by their customers.

Learn more about Gallus Golf’s Marketing Solutions.

Important Message From Our CEO, Jason Wilson

Why Gallus Golf is NOT a Mobile App Company…

Want to know some of the most frustrating comments I hear from golf courses? Here are a few: “Oh yeah, I know about Gallus Golf. They build GPS apps.” Or maybe, “I’ve heard of you guys, but we already have GPS on our carts, so I don’t think we need a mobile app.” Or, “You know, most of our customers just use a paper scorecard and have rangefinders, so we don’t need a scoring app.”

This made me realize a couple things. That we have done a fantastic job of making Gallus Golf well known as an app company. And we REALLY need to do a better job making sure golf courses know what Gallus Golf really does, because we are NOT A MOBILE APP COMPANY!

When we started Gallus Golf in 2011, our goal was to enhance the golfer experience at YOUR golf course, and create better engagement with YOUR customers or members using technology. Everything we do is built around this concept.

In reality, Gallus Golf is a Customer Experience company. Custom apps just happen to be the primary vehicle to help our clients deliver on today’s consumer expectation.

I’ve got a tremendous team who is very passionate about golf. What we honestly discuss every week is “Man, we have built some awesome stuff for golf courses! How can we get more using it and get the most out of it”. The ideas, solutions, and technology we produce from that mindset span well beyond a simple “GPS app”.

  • Gallus Golf creates kick ass marketing collateral for our golf course clients to help them create awareness about their event, membership offers, golf tournament, or their brand in general.

  • Gallus Golf helps courses implement Loyalty Programs that foster enormous customer appreciation, drive repeat spending, and increased customer loyalty to their brand.

  • Gallus Golf produces creative marketing campaigns across email, web, social media, mobile apps, and on-course messaging to increase revenue across all facets of their business.

  • Gallus Golf builds innovative technology to enhance the golf outing experience for our clients, helping them deliver a fun and interactive customer experience at their club.

  • Gallus Golf delivers new and effective ways for our course clients to communicate with their customers & members about everything at their club.

  • Gallus Golf helps our clients learn more about their customers, behaviors, and how to create a personal experience that is relevant to each.

Gallus Golf does all of the above and much more. Yes, we can build a golf course their own custom mobile app, and yes that app does have a pretty cool GPS feature in it. But if that is all you think Gallus Golf does for a golf course I apologize, because I have not properly introduced you to Gallus Golf.

Gallus Golf is the Customer Experience Partner for any golf courses ready to do something different to exceed the expectations of their customers. We’d love to talk about it with you.

Gallus News - Gallus Golf’s Mobile Ordering Solution Contributing To Increase Kitchen Sales By 28% For Partnered Club!

Gallus Golf’s Mobile Ordering Solution Contributing To Increase Kitchen Sales By 28% For Partnered Club!

Featured in The Golf Wire October 17th, 2018

Ontario, Canada –

In a recent Gallus Golf blog, President and Founder of St. Marys Golf & Country Club, Matt Staffen, has attributed his club’s increase in kitchen sales to Gallus Golf mobile ordering solution. St. Marys Golf & Country Club has been a partnered club with Gallus Golf since 2015 and implemented many of their marketing tools to enhance the customer experience at their club.

Gallus Golf’s mobile ordering solution, onTAP, works seamlessly with a golf POS system to communicate orders and have them either delivered to golfers or available for pickup at a clubhouse. St. Marys has delivered this unique offering to their golfers and surrounding residents near their club to increase the opportunities for kitchen sales.

Providing the best experience for golfers is the heart of St. Marys’ mission, especially being that they are in a competitive golf market in Ontario, Canada. Staffen says “It’s more about trying to provide customer value and an experience. If you have your own app, you can connect with the customer that way and offer different things for them to connect to your business. For example, onTAP is a new way to get orders that can be available to someone on the course or a local nearby that wants to pick up food.”

They have ensured their golfers are aware of this solution and any club offering through Gallus marketing tools, as well. Staffen adds, “We’ve pushed onTAP to our customers through push notifications. We want to remind people when they are on the course that they can order food through the app. That was a big thing, as well, because our kitchen sales are up 28% this season. If someone has the app on their phone they will make that decision quicker than looking for a local restaurant.”

About St. Marys Golf & Country Club

St. Marys Golf & Country Club is one of Ontario’s best semi-private facilities, located in a picturesque residential community. Opening in 1932, St. Marys has maintained its place as a top course in their market by continuing to reinvest into their course and providing an social atmosphere for their golfers to enjoy. To learn more, visit

About Gallus Golf

Gallus Golf strengthens the relationship between golf course and customer through their marketing and technology tools. They are the leader in building branded golf communities, increasing customer loyalty, and delivering innovative on-course technology. To learn more, visit

Golf Operator Spotlight - Matt Staffen - St. Marys Golf & Country Club

I had the pleasure of speaking with Matt Staffen, President and General Manager of St. Marys Golf & Country Club in Ontario, Canada. In the three years St. Marys has been us, Matt has been a leader in implementing our messaging tools and technology solutions. With the help of BOOST and Matt’s marketing vision, St. Marys Golf & Country Club App has grown their app users from 800 to over 2,500 - in the last season alone! Plus, their Clubhouse Kitchen sales have increased by 28%!

Whether your golf club is big, small, private or public, we could all take a page out of Matt’s book on how he has grown his business, and more importantly, built a golf community where his customers feel at home.

  • Molly Jasco, Gallus Golf Marketing Manager

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 11.49.19 AM.png

Molly: Can you tell me what career and life decisions led to you the golf industry and becoming the President and General Manager of one of the top golf clubs in Ontario?

Matt: Our family purchased St. Marys Golf & Club Club in the early 90’s when I was about six years old. I started working at the golf course when I was 15 or 16 years old and then went off to university and started working for some really high-end in golf courses up in Muskoka, a well-known tourist region here in Ontario just two hours north of Toronto. I also worked for a big corporate retailer for five years and what drove me back to St. Marys was not just my love for golf, but more of my passion for the marketing side of the industry.  So that’s really what led me to my decision to come back to operate the family business and operate St. Marys and grow it to its full potential.

Molly: How have you utilized your marketing background to grow your club?

Matt: What I really love about this industry and why I love showing up to work every day is the marketing side of it, and what influences a golfer to choose your golf course over the hundreds of other golf courses they have the option to play nowadays. There are 60 golf courses within 45 minutes of us, so that's obviously a big challenge. But we’ve been able to grow our business by taking advantage of the e-marketing side. It started with a lot of emails to our member base, then our Facebook Page, Instagram, and really took off in the last year with the app.  

We're a mature industry and in order to survive today, you have to grow and be the best. That’s the mentality we take every day and we’ve grown the business that way - whether it’s for our weddings, memberships, or our junior program which all have taken off in the last couple years - revenues have grown 100%. It’s been a whole lot of fun to see our golfing community transpire into what it has become today.

Molly: St. Marys is in a competitive golf market, what is your club doing that sets you apart?

Matt: First of all, we are continually staying in touch with them. We’ve found that adding the app to our efforts made perfect sense, especially for the younger generation, under forty, who have their phones in front of them all the time, and are not always checking their emails anymore.

We also have created a culture and an atmosphere from the moment they walk in the club and play 18 holes and then come back in for food and drinks, to the moment they walk out the door. We want them to they feel like they're at home and a part of a community. That was the second part of it.

The third part was reinvestment back into the golf course, back into the property, into our equipment, into our people. For example, the last two years we've undergone a bunker renovation program so we're redoing all of our bunkers and it will be completed next year. We're also buying new golf carts to keep our equipment up to date, our people head of the game, trying to be as progressive as possible, while also growing the revenue side. We know if we only focus on the cost side eventually our competitors will catch up, so the reinvestment was a big initiative for us.

It's really about being innovative, reinvesting back in that property, and creating that culture where people want to spend time.

Molly: You ran an aggressive campaign for “Free 18 Holes For Downloading The St. Marys App”. Some may wonder why you would potentially give a round away to an existing customer. What was your reasoning behind that and how has it impacted your season?

Matt: I felt the need to be aggressive with that offer in order to build our number of users from the 800 range we had been stuck at for the last couple of years.  

With the help of the BOOST Team, I wanted to go after that market, and attack it quickly to grow our app audience. And we successfully grew our number of users from 800 to 2,500 in a matter of a few months.

With the Free 18 Holes offer, we thought it would be easy to give away something for free, but how do you turn that into future sales? We knew the younger generation redeeming this offer would want an experience and beer would be bought on the course and food purchased after their round. That incremental revenue in just doing that offer was good enough for us to justify doing something so aggressive. And now we can reach out to them and try to bring them back with different offers and value plays that will get them interested in spending time here.

We’ve used Push Notifications a lot to target that same demographic of forty and under, who are more likely to receive and look at a push notification than an email. Using that Free 18 holes offer and growing our app users was really about the long-term ability to communicate with our customers in a more modern way.

We’ve also utilized and pushed onTAP to our customer through push notifications. We want to remind people when they are on the course that they can order food through the app. That was a big thing, as well, because our kitchen sales are up 28% this season. If someone has the app on their phone they will make that decision quicker than looking for a local restaurant.


Molly: Third Party Sites and Golf Network Apps, like 18 Birdies, have a large audience of users and courses available. What would be your advice to someone who is on the fence between using a Golf Network App or a branded golf club app?

Matt: Third Party Sites has helped grow our revenue, but it's a challenge because if you’re not the cheapest you’re less likely to get the sale and to me, that is not a good long-term play. I want to control as many of the green fee bookings as possible. So if we can do that through our app and website (with dynamic pricing), that will keep the customer coming directly to us. Also, it's a lot easier to communicate our message to them as opposed to competing with every other golf course that’s on those 3rd Party Sites. With the Gallus Golf services, we can bring them here by owning that communication.

Molly: It can be very difficult for any business to grow their social media following, but St. Marys app and social media engagement is very strong. How have you grown your online audience?

Matt: I think if courses focus on growing your brand and not trying to sell, that is key. We typically don’t go on Facebook and promote an offer. It’s more about having your audience see what the brand brings, what the experience and the culture we are trying to create at St. Marys. We believe they will be attracted to that.

Molly: Given the success St. Marys has experienced due to your strong marketing strategy, what suggestions would you have to clubs who are struggling to find time to market their Club App?

Matt: The Golf Tournament Module has been big for us and it’s so easy to use. Our Pro Shop Manager, who initially didn’t want to have anything to do with computers, now uses it for everything - even our Glow Golf Night, for scorecards and cart signs. He has really embraced it this year and we’ve even added sponsors to each hole. This allowed us to increase our annual hole sponsor fee by $50, so it’s helped our club on many different levels.

Obviously with the BOOST program that was big for me. It made me take the app more seriously and realize its benefits. Why we moved forward with BOOST was because we were content with our 800 followers but it also meant I had to spend a lot of time during the busy season coming up with marketing ideas. When I have our monthly meetings with the BOOST Team it makes it much easier to just talk about those good ideas and put them into action. It work on both sides, but it keeps us organized and forces us to stick to a plan. BOOST is always timely that way. To try to manage the app, in addition to Facebook, and email, it can be a lot for operators, especially in an age when we are trying to manage our labor. To have a full-on marketing team, who are good at what they do and also understand the game of golf can be a challenge to find.

Having BOOST on our side gives us a team we can work with, who are quick and ready to take on the things we need to do. To sum it up, the back end module is easy to use, but BOOST will take the app to the next level.


Molly: Golf can have the reputation for being a little behind the times when it comes to implementing new technology. Sometimes we hear, “Our club doesn’t need an app because our golfers are older” or “We don’t need Instagram because of X, Y, Z”. If a club was unsure of utilizing new technology to communicate to their golfers, what would you say to them?

Matt: There are different ways to target different audiences. The younger generation, who are under forty spend an insane amount of time on their phone, so the way to communicate with them is through the app.

We still have great success with our emails, but I’ve noticed in the last couple of years that our email open rates are declining slightly. The older crowd is still responding, but the younger generation is more engaged with a quick one-line message in a push notification. As marketing evolves and that younger generation becomes your customer base, it will be tougher to target them if you don’t have your app available on their phone.

Molly: Are there any technologies you’ve seen in other industries, that you would like to see the golf industry to adopt?

Matt: Yeah, I think one of the fears with the industry right now, especially with these 3rd parties taking on more and more, is that if you’re not the cheapest, you’re not going to get the customer. Trying to be innovative through marketing, and persuading a customer to come to you, despite what the price is - I think that is a big challenge we are all facing. The hotel and airline industry had experienced this same challenge and figured out the dynamic pricing model, because finding those super cheap deals are not as common today. I believe dynamic pricing is a huge way of the future in our sport and what we do in our industry because it’s figuring out what the price should be in the high and low demand. I think integrating that into the app is a big thing - we’ve done that with our tee sheet.

We shouldn’t be trying to be the cheapest, because then it becomes a race to the bottom. It’s more about trying to provide customer value and an experience. If you have your own app, you can connect with the customer that way and offer different things for them to connect to your business. For example, onTAP is a new way to get orders that can be available to someone on the course or a local nearby that wants to pick up food.


There are a lot of opportunities out there, you have to figure out who you are targeting and what it is you’re offering - and keeping that customer close to you - instead of the 3rd party sites. Yes, they will always have a place, but if we can control that customer experience, we will all be better off.

Revenue-Generating Marketing Ideas To Start Now!

The last day of summer is this Saturday, September 22nd, and that means it’s time to start marketing your Club’s Fall and Holiday promotions if you haven’t already. It may seem like the shorter days and cooler weather would hurt your bottom line, but in reality, there are plenty of marketing opportunities to promote seasonal club offerings to boost your annual revenue.

Below are some revenue-generating initiatives your club can promote this Fall!

Early Bird Membership Campaigns

Even though summer is nearly over, there is still much golf to be played! If your club has annual memberships, now is a great time to promote your 2019 memberships with free golf the rest of the year. This will entice the customers who enjoy your club, but on the fence with a membership investment.

You don’t always have to discount or give away something either. Create a value-added Membership offer that your members can’t refuse! You can do this by increasing your membership price slightly and throw in a low-cost equipment item. For example, “Free Driver With Your 2019 Membership” with an expiration date of November 1st. The timing of an offer like this aligns perfectly this time of year with the upcoming release of 2019 product lines and increase in consumer spending during the Holidays.  

memberships - driver.jpg

Are You Ready For Some Football!?

It’s Football season and you may have noticed some slower weekend golf days. Make your club the Game-Day Spot your golfers want to watch Football at! A couple of ways to do this could be offering a weekend golf package including golf and a lunch special. Also, be sure to promote your weekend Football Specials during the afternoon, so those that are just practicing in the afternoon, now have an additional incentive to have lunch at your club and watch football. You can do this by placing a geofence message over your course that highlights the weekend specials.

Another way to make sure your tee sheet doesn’t suffer during the Football season is by having an early morning shotgun during the weekends. This way your golfers can make it a ritual to get their course time in before Football, and you still had 144 players on your course.


Fill Up Your Weekday Tee Sheet

Maybe summer leagues are ending or college students are back at school, and your club is experiencing open windows of availability that you want to be booked asap. No problem! You can do a number of things with your app to fill up your tee sheet. Of course, by now you’ve heard us discuss push notifications, but this powerful tool can instantly get a message to your audience and booking a tee time within a couple clicks.  This return is easily worth the 30 seconds of time it will take you to craft a message and click send.

If you want to provide a golf promotion, create an in-app reward with the Offer Locker. By using the Offer Locker consistently, you will increase downloads, engagement, and make your app content more fun and valuable to your audience. Examples of this can be $5 off your weekday round anytime after 3 pm, or $49 weekday round and dinner.


Affiliate Marketplace - The Christmas Miracle For Your Club

It’s not too early to begin thinking about the Holidays and how your club can maximize its holiday sales. What if we told you, you could increase club revenue by simply adding a button to your app? It sounds too good to be true, but our Affiliate Program is designed for our Club Partners to do just that! We’ll connect you to a number of brands your golfers can shop online and when an online sale is made, your club gets a percentage through your affiliation.  This is a great way to get ahead of the Holiday Season and offer products to your customers without stocking them in your golf shop. The Affiliate Marketplace is free and easy to sign up, and flexible in brands you want available in your Club App.

Get Started - Sign Up Now!

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 12.15.53 PM.png

It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like… Party Season!

As some of you may be going out-of-season soon, it’s peak season to book venues for Holiday parties. Start marketing your clubhouse facilities for social gatherings, corporate luncheons, and the end of the year celebrations! If you experienced a rough season due to harsh weather conditions, this is a great way to recover from any lost revenue.

Below are some examples of a Holiday flyer created by the BOOST team. Do you need a Holiday flyer created for your course? Contact the BOOST team and they will deliver you a complimentary flyer for your Holiday promotions! Whether you were affected by the weather this season or not, we hope you take us up on our Holiday Design Offer.. As an early Christmas gift to you! ;)

Request Holiday Promotion Flyer

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the best golf marketing strategy for your course, please reach out to our BOOST Team.  Whether it’s ideas on your Fall events, Black Friday promotions, Holiday parties, BOOST can offer advice on best methods for making your message stand out against your competitors!

Learn more about BOOST!

Gallus News - Gallus Golf CEO To Speak On Loyalty Rewards Technology At Golf Business Techcon 2018

Featured in The Golf Wire on September 5th, 2018


Las Vegas, NV –

Gallus Golf, the industry leader in course branded mobile app software, will be a sponsor and exhibitor at this year’s Golf Business TechCon, held in Las Vegas October 11th-12th. This event is unique to the golf industry as it is focused on technology tools and innovations transforming golf course operations. TechCon is a two-day gathering for golf course owners, operators, and industry professionals to learn about best-in-class products and services in golf and discover the what technology advancements are on the horizon.

Gallus Golf’s’ Founder & CEO, Jason Wilson, will participate in a panel discussion around Loyalty Rewards Programs, and the important role technology plays in their success or failure. “We have seen Loyalty Rewards Programs be extremely successful for many of our course clients, and mobile plays a key role in maximizing their effectiveness with today’s savvy consumer,” said Jason. “I’m looking forward to the opportunity to connect with course operators in an environment centered around education on the latest and greatest tech for their business.”

Get The Most Out Of Your Tournament Software

For most golf courses, outings and tournaments make up a significant portion of annual club revenue. In the United States alone, over 800,000 golf tournaments are held each year, with the average 72 player event bringing in about $5,000.

Being that tournaments are a large revenue stream to clubs, it’s important to ensure proper planning is in place for the event, as well as providing an unforgettable golf experience to your players. There are many golf tournament registration softwares available to help your tournament organizer cross off the long list of “to-do” items in preparing for an event, but you also want to maximize revenue-generating activities for the day of and post-tournament. The Gallus Golf Tournament Software offers a user-friendly system to get your tournament set up, players registered, and a wide range of marketing opportunities to boost club revenue during the tournament day as well as gain repeat business.

Tournament Set-Up

Input all tournament info in one central location. Tournament images, rules, format. Import player/team spreadsheets to generate groups in a single click.

Online Registration

Quickly create a custom marketing and registration site for each outing that can include tournament info, images, video, contact info, and more. Participants can register (and even prepay) which all flows into your tournament software, ready to go.


Print Materials

Print out all your tournament materials. Cart signs, scorecards, check-in sheets, tournament info handouts, tournament results, and more.

Hole Sponsorships

Feature hole sponsors for your golf tournament in your mobile app. Sponsorship information can be detailed in the app with a direct link to their website. This type of advertisement creates a conversion path that is mobile friendly to your players and trackable for your sponsors.


Live Scoring

The in-app leaderboards and live scoring make for an interactive experience for your players to see how they rank against the competition.


Live Leaderboards

Display the teams and players of your tournament on your custom leaderboard in the clubhouse. Participants to view prior, during, and after the event.

In-App Deals

Increase player revenue by offering a Tournament-Player specific deals that can be redeemed that day or applied for a future visit. Your players will appreciate having exclusive deals to spend at your golf shop or an additional incentive to play at your course again.


Golf GPS & Course Information

Having beautifully customized golf GPS of your course enhances the on-course golf experience and will drive downloads for your golf club app. Our golf GPS provides full tee-to-trouble golf GPS mapping (not just to the center of the green) in a user-friendly interface. Golfers can even measure their shot through the app. Also, including pin placements or drone flyover videography or is an excellent way to make course information accessible in a mobile-friendly way.


Stay connected to your tournament players through push notifications.

Now that tournament players have your app, it’s time to keep them engaged through in-app messaging. Sending out golf specials or general messages, it will keep your club top of mind to your new customers and more likely to play with you again!

Learn more about how to set up a tournament using our Gallus Golf Tournament Software.

If you have any tournament or app-related questions, feel free to reach out to us at